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How To Buy Part Of An Iraqi Weapon


Hey guys,

I'd really like to get my hands on a piece of steel from an Iraqi weapon taken during the war in Iraq - the receiver or barrel from an AK would do well, but pretty much any piece of steel from any pistol or rifle will do. It needs to be enough metal to make a large ring out of - so a firing pin won't work.

The purpose of this is, I want to forge a ring from the steel, and send it to my good friend who is a veteran of the war in Iraq, and is now stationed in Djibouti - the whole idea for the ring dates back a long time into history, when the Anglo-Saxons were invading the Celtic peoples of Britain - after a battle, the Britons would forge iron warrior rings out of the axes and swords of their enemies - each man who survived would get a ring. If you met a man with many iron rings - like one or more on each finger, and many woven into his beard and hair - you'd know he was a total badass and not to mess with him.

So, in the Celtic tradition (my buddy's Irish, so he'll appreciate it), I plan to forge a ring from a weapon of his fallen enemy and give it to him as a token of appreciation, respect, and luck.

...any ideas on how the hell I'm going to FIND something like this???



Depends on what part. The Ak and any pistol grip mag fed rifle is illegal in california (unless its pre-ban). Aks are a very simple operating simple unlike the AR which is a lower reciever/upper and bolt carrier group. If you can get it without the receiver which is the heart of the gun ( I know with ARs The only thing that needs to be registered is the lower) Then your okay. Check out the Cal DOJ website and go to "FIREARMS" division.


Have you googled it? Be sure not to contact the wrong persons otherwise the fbi will search your house pretty soon :wink:

Not a weapon but take a look,


I wouldn't think it'd be too hard to find - I'd just keep looking at ebay. The military usually just lets people take whatever they want home, but I'm not sure on their policy with the current war. Maybe buy some guys at the VFW a few beers for info?


Awesome - thanks for the great ideas, guys! It is truly appreciated.