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How to Bulk Without Increasing Body Fat?


Guys this time, I want to discuss about how do I bulk without increasing body fat percentages and I don’t want flood my abs with fats while bulking muscle. Is there any way that I can bulk without fat percentage increase while in caloric surplus. Since most of the calories will be based on carbs and protein. Does any types of cardios burn fat while on caloric surplus (bulking) (how bout this option while on test e or other compounds) ? my body is mostly hard gain muscle type and also my body type solely somewhere between ecto-meso-endo mixed but predominantly ecto and meso I think.


As far as I understand it, it is very, very difficult to add any mass without adding some fat - but you can do things to minimise fat gain. Your ‘supplements’ will certainly help. I think two real keys to minimising fat gain while adding mass is a) patience and b) nutrient timing. I think John Meadows is a guy you should read up on for this.


even on gear? like test, equ or tren and even when your meals are clean? no sugar based too? hmmmmm


On gear it is meant to be much easier, certainly. That’s what I meant by supplements.


In my experience whenever I eat clean I’m on low energy and I tried with sus250/week. Strength increases but fat levels going Down. A bit gained pure muscles. But I feel like clean diets straight to caloric deficits I think. What’s your opinion on that?


If I understand you correctly I sort of agree. From what I’ve read, it is hard to get a lot of calories from a purely clean diet - hard, not impossible. I know next to nothing about how gear really affects this kind of thing, so I can’t help you there.

I think, though, if you’re sitting at 10% bodyfat and up your calories from mostly good sources with strategic use of ‘dirtier’ foods you’ll get good gains and not go above 15%. Then you cut back down and see what you’ve added and repeat.


To gain muscle, you obviously need to be a caloric surplus. You don’t need as much of a surplus to add size as people think. Many eat a larger surplus of calories, mainly, so that a quicker change in size can be viewed in the mirror.

I’ve found that this works for “clean bulking”:
Maintenance Calories + 1/10 of Maintenance Calories per day.

@MarkKO hit the nail on the head with nutrient timing. John Meadows is indeed a pretty good source for learning the basics of nutrient timing. This is a bit different for everybody (trial and error will help you figure that out), but for myself I’ve notice that this works the best:

I work out in the afternoon…Higher fats in the morning (love me some eggs for this), meat and vegetables all other meals (chicken, steak, fish, broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas, salads, asparagus, mushrooms), and carbs around and during workout (rice, oatmeal, cream of wheat, sweet potatoes, hbcd).

You can get plenty of calories eating cleanly (I’ve been doing it for years). You just need to eat more often.

You’ll be hungry eating that way, but the metabolism works better (it needs energy, so it’ll start going after your own fat stores for energy) carbs are only really used by the body for workout energy and for muscle building purposes (carbs are only consumed when immediately used by the body, meaning they won’t be as likely to get stored as adipose).

Otherwise, hit the weight, man. Hit them hard and constantly.

Edit: Eating and training this way requires more patience for the results to be visually noticeable. I also noticed that it took a while for my scale weight to increase, but that’s mainly because your body starts going through a recomposition period, rather than just increasing in size.