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How to Bulk Up?


im a beginner and i want to bulk up im
near 6'0 weigh 156 pounds and im thin but have a chubby midsection
and I also need a good program where i will see good gains which is designed for beginners


I want to be rich, successful and happy...

can anyone help me?



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Does it involve reading, patience, and commitment?

Forget it


no, I was just gonna take your money and disappear...

but I think that does apply to the OP.

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I'll go with a serious answer.

Johnny123, bulking up and training takes a lot of effort. It's a constant battle, day after day.

If you can't do an effort to read articles, threads, posts, blogs, etc. to learn how to bulk up, what is a good plan, etc. how do you expect to bulk and train properly?


Bulking tips for Newbies: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/bulking_tips_for_newbies

Must Read For Beginners: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/must_reads_for_beginners


It's pretty damn simple, you pick a normal bodybuilding split.

You lift with intensity so your body knows where to put the excess nutrients (your muscles).

Eat lots of meat and potatoes before and after you lift.

Watch yourself get bigger and stronger.

A lot of patience because it will take some time.


Can I just start off mentioning that having four of the first five posts in a thread in the Beginners forum just to bust the OPs balls, is kinda screwed up, especially when the OP doesn't seem like any kind of over-the-top troll job.

Believe me, I get it. It can be tiresome seeing the same questions over and over. But mocking the OP, who's just a kid, isn't really helping anyone. [/soapbox]

For training, start off with a basic bodyweight plan:

Mon., Wed., and Fri.
Squat 2x15 (No weight, keep both feet flat on the floor.)
Push-up 2x15 (On your toes, go until the chest almost touches the floor.)
Lunge 2x15 (Alternate legs, 1 rep left/1 rep right.)
Neutral-grip pull-up 2x15 (assisted if necessary. Could be substituted with inverted rows.)
Plank 2x15-count (Hold the top part of a push-up, on the toes, arms straight, keep the whole body straight. Count to 15.)
Burpee/squat thrust 2x15

Once that's easy, we can progress to a free weight-focused program. As a teenager, this will be a great way to build basic strength and conditioning, and prepare your body to handle a more challenging plan.

For nutrition, check these articles:
Most days of the week, try to have the foods in that second article. This will be a bit easier if you can cook a little or at least prepare some of your own meals (make your own lunch, make yourself breakfast on the weekends, whatever.)

In general, eat "good" more often than you eat "bad", but don't stress out at all over some junk food. You're an underweight teen who's starting to exercise. That's a pretty damn good combo to get results, especially if we get you off on the right foot.


=( sorry chris... it's_just_me started it!!

heh it lured you out here though didn't it


Ha, I don't mean to be Donny Downer or anything.

If it's a blatant troll job, or even close to borderline, it's not much of an issue. But there are some dudes who seem downright offended when a beginner decides to speak up and ask a basic question (regardless of how often it's been asked before) in the Beginners forum.

No real harm done, as long as the young buck didn't get scared off.


thanks guys!:slight_smile:


Oops, I didn't notice the age lol

Yeah, I was feeling in a sarcastic mood today, it's a British thing I can't seem to shake off sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


On the other hand, I wonder if giving advice to people posting such immature, illogical and lazy questions, basically asking to be spoon fed is worth anybodies time? The chances he'll follow your advice is pretty much zero so why give it?


All teenagers are immature and the majority of beginners are illogical. Laziness is a valid concern, but that'll sort itself out in time, like if I notice the same dude racking up a post count without mentioning progress.

In this particular case, and others like it, I do tend to err on the side of giving advice whether or not it ends up sinking in.

Best case scenario, I help some dude start his training life the right way. Worst case scenario, I'm out a total of six minutes time and dude ends up learning the hard/slow way, if ever at all.

I will admit that I get peeved when I take the time to chip in my two cents and it turns out to be a genuine troll (oxymoron??), but all things considered, it's not the end of [my] world if my advice gets taken for granted or overlooked.

Even when I was a trainer in the gym, I tended to give away "free advice" to whoever asked, often to my own detriment (people wouldn't hire me because they could pick my brain for free. Ha). I kinda have the same outlook around the forums.

I certainly don't mean to imply that everyone here should think similarly. My beef was with a young kid getting grief for asking a seemingly-legit beginner's question.


Glad to know its a British thing and not just my wife! She thrives on dark humor and sarcasm. Lol


This article might apply to you and help out a little: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/11_training_tips_for_the_skinny_fat_ectomorph

I would suggest eating complex carbs throughout the day and plenty of protein. Also when lifting, for the big moves like bench, deadlift, squat, BB shoulder press, use heavy weight with lower reps and the conventional workouts use a good weight with 8-10 reps.


lol is it now? tell that to 90% of TNation plz




Diet wise here's what I'm doing for a current bulk. http://hurrrrrrrrr.blogspot.com/2011/11/november-6-2011-bulk-beginning.html

Routine wise...there's a million different ones. Like Dave Tate said in an article once "just pick one and stick with it"