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How to Bulk Up with Prior Injuries

A little background info:

23 y/o 145 +/- lbs

Played HS football and suffered a few life time injuries. I have a hole in my right knee cap that prevents me from doing leg press, squats, extensions, and curls with proper form. Example: I squat on the Smith rack with my feet further in front of my shoulders with my back perpendicular to the ground to help keep some of the strain off my knee.

Second injury: Dislocated left shoulder. For the most part, it doesn’t bother me too much. But occasionally, I can feel a pop in it during a Bench, Fly, or Military press and cable crossovers.

I have had reconstructive surgery on both that didn’t seem to make a difference even after the physical therapy.

Shortly after the injuries I dropped down to a disgustingly twig like 120 lbs a 5’11". Started drinking way more than I should have ever drank and made it up to about 190 lbs. In the past 6 months I’ve given up the brew and dropped back down to 140 - 150 lbs range.

I have realized I shouldn’t let these past injuries effect my present or future, but where should I get started. I would like to bulk up to around 180 and I realize it will take quite a bit of time, but what would you guys recommend changing to put less strain on my previous injuries until I can build some more mass to support them better.

With something like leg extensions, I can keep proper form but end up doing most the work with my left leg and don’t want to end up with a ham on one side and a chicken bone on the other.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


as someone with tons of injuries in the past BIG ones. you just have to #1 dont use that shit as an excuse we all have our hurdls these are just yours

#2 find what YOU can do. if it HURTS dont do it find something that doesnt. Now were talking PAIN not strain strain Good and you will have to put up with times some pain but in general find what you can do adjust exercises and loads to fit. just do something keep rollin things will progress if you do.

Find what works for YOU


It’s so hard to tell you what to do with an injury over the internet, but I don’t think you could go wrong by ordering both “Bulletproof Knees” and “Inside Out”. I think they are both available through this store - I know they are available through Mike Robertson’s website.

That, or find a sports medicine doc in your area that knows about bodybuilding. The DVDs are probably much cheaper, and can teach you much about your body works. Anything you learn will help you with docs - start throwing out anatomy and proper medical terms and your level of care will shoot way up.

I’m about to ask a dumb question.

How does your knee hold up using a reverse hyper?

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong (in which I very well could be) but isn’t one of the best ways to bulk up by doing compound core strength training such as squats and such?

How could I alter these exercises to fit my needs while still maintaing enough form for the exercise to be worthwile.

  1. I’ll defintly check out those DVD’s since the last three reptuable sports medicine/therapy/surgeons I went to suggest at minium bi-weekly if not weekly injections. (not too fond of needles especially when they’re adding what seems to be massive amounts of crap into my body) I did the injections once and couldn’t walk right for two days but the following 4 days were pretty smooth.

The injections just didn’t seem like a logical solution to me at this point. The next option after injections was a knee replacement which I personally will not do until I can not walk. But I’ll defintly check out those DVD’s before I go to another doc.

and 3. I’m about to ask an even dumber question. What is a reverse hyper? Is that like leg curls or extensions or what?

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.



and 3. I’m about to ask an even dumber question. What is a reverse hyper? Is that like leg curls or extensions or what?[/quote]