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How to Bulk Up for Highland Games?

I am 51 and 5’9" and have recently began off season training for Highland Games. I have been doing circuit training to try and cut weight before I start working heavy weights to bulk back up. I am currently at 220 from being 260 and want to get back up to at least 240 or 250. When trying to figure out what my caloric intake should be, do I use my current weight or the weight I am shooting for? I’m afraid that if I Use my target weight I will end up putting on more fat than I want to. Any recommendations? I know how to do the math for figuring out my Macros, I just need to know where to start. Thanks

The standard 0.5lbs to 2lbs per week should be fine. The closer you are to the top end of this, the more of your weight will be fat. I definitely wouldn’t base my calories on that of a 260lbs person if I was 220lbs.

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Thanks. But my question then is what should I use to figure my caloric intake so that I put on muscle? Do I increase it by 500 or more and just keep adjusting it? I would like to end up at between 240 and 250.

Most of the articles on here recommend adding 500 calories over your maintenance level to build muscle. Try it for a few weeks to see if your weight increases. Keep it slow; you may add an excessive amount of fat if you jack up the calories too quickly.

How many games have you competed in? I threw for a couple years in grad school.

Yes, depending on what you see on the scale. I probably wouldn’t start with more than a 500kcal bump.

How long have you competed in highland ?

Scorp I would focus on health and strength, at five nine if you hit two thirty and increase strength and practice technique you will be competitive and have fun. I have too many health problems to throw anymore at the same age, so be happy and healthy and enjoy.