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How To Build Superhero Muscle: Substitute for Cables/Bands?

Hi Paul

I’m looking to start this routine from Monday. I work out from home in my garage. I got a power rack, barbells etc. I’m just wondering what would be a good substitute for the Cable Y Raise, as I have no resistance bands currently to tie around the power rack.

Would Landmine Lateral Raises be okay, super settled with Dumbbell LAteral Raises?

Many thanks!

I’m not Paul but I’ve seen an article on gear that talks about using DBs for Y raises. If you’ve got a bench they feel great with some light DBs.

I Can verify this. Maybe not the same exactly as cables but light dumbells with slow tempo will get the fire going.

By the way it should say here not gear but the forum won’t let me edit it for some reason.

…Just buy a couple bands!? -great for a home gym anyway. Can get top quality ones off Elitefts for like 9 bucks

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For sure on this. They run sales frequently on bands for 1/2 price just keep your eyes open.