How to Build Sartorius/Inside Quad?

I have big legs and i feel that my inside quad is not upto par to the rest of the group. Maybe it’s because i’m not lean or what not but how do i build the Sartorius muscle (and surrounding area)? I’m not talking about my adductors either… Check the pic.

Lower bodyfat levels.

Calves need work too.

Here’s some better pics.

and as for the calf development, they’re 6.5/10 right now but i’m starting to work them out twice a week. I have good leg genetics, my calves grow very easily.

Your calves are shit. They’re more like 2.5/10. Get real.

Hit the adductor machine

and the calf raise

decent mass in the thighs. Calves need tons of work. Forget trying to isolate the sartorius muscle. “my calves grow quite easily”, so take advantage of that.

If you want more thigh definition, start cutting.

You really already know all this, don’t you?

[quote]ill wrote:
Your calves are shit. They’re more like 2.5/10.[/quote]

lol i could strongly agree :slight_smile:

i’m workin on them… it’s been 2 weeks.

Quads are look meaty

Thats a very hard muscle to develop. The only thing that I’ve heard of that might work is the leg cur machine that you sit on (not the one you lay on your belly) so says Milos Sarchev. You won’t see it unless bf% is very low.

My advise, I wouldn’t worry about it now or possible ever. It is cool looking when you can see it defined but its very rare to see guys with it. The best one I’ve seen was actually from a pic of track star.

maybe wont help but when you look at your shoe to see if you stepped in some gum or something, thats the exact motion that works the sartorius so low bodyfat and if you really want that line up your leg maybe attack a cable to you ankle and “look under your shoe” for reps or something… i wouldn’t suggest it though

Salaam brother,

As everyone said, lower the bodyfat and hopefully it should give you some definition there. Your quads are quite solid, just bring up the calves, as everyone else said.

I can see the vastus medialis (teardrop) in your legs, and that’s pretty cool.


ya the teardrop has been there since i was a kid… when i would close my leg, i’d have a huge buldge. I’ll try the look at gum shoe trick see if i feel it. But calves i’m going to be starting them twice a week instead of once.

and as for the BF, i’m at 11-13% right now, but i’m going to be leaning to 4-5% in march to be ready for the summer. I’ll post my progress in here.

Why not find out what the muscle is used for? Once you find that out you will know what movements make the muscle contract, choose exercises that mimic those movements and voila.

Personally, I don’t see the point in trying to do exercises for every individual muscle in the body (that’s just taking the whole ‘splits’ concept a bit too far). If I wanted to develop my inner legs I would do squats with a very wide stance and feet facing out, crossover lunges and adductor exercises.

In any event, as has been stated before you won’t see anything until you’re lean anyway.

Take up tailoring.
(Not sure how many will ‘get’ that)

BTW you haven’t highlighted the sartorius properly:

[quote]Boffin wrote:
Take up tailoring.
(Not sure how many will ‘get’ that)[/quote]

My Latin is weak. It could use some mending.

Why has nobody said Wide-Stance Squats and Sumo Deadlifts?