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How to Build 'Density'


Hi all, I was going to post this in t-cell but limits the amount of possible responses. A lot of times when I post photos for evaluation I get the response that I lack 'dense' muscle, is it possible to build it naturally? does it comes with enough years under the weight? or is it genetic.

I've included my most recent photo so people can see what I'm talking about.


little by little, year after year, decade after decade......


I am no expert, but from reading my understanding is we can improve density by working all reps range. It would come from various approaches, multiple reps range iso or calastenics, holds, partials, full ROM. Trying to become more of a complete athlete like mentioned over many years...
Lowering your fat ratio is a step, eventually drying out to show your density. Now you would be more dense 12 pounds lighter but a long work is needed to really develop density.
A bit like a decathlete good in 100, 800, 3,000 meters. Like the top pound for pound boxer. Reaching for perfection might resume.


test and tren.

report back in a few months


Could try a powerbuilding/powerlifting program for a couple of months




I've gotten my body weight up to 250 lbs and while I had plenty of mass, unfortunately I lacked the density or full/roundness that I see people sporting.

I was actually wondering the same thing as well. "Genetics" is not always the answer, maybe it takes longer to develop in others.


Dude why bother asking a question like this on this site? You are too advanced. Please leave and go to a better forum.


actually, you can leave


Op what size is your waist?


I know right, OP is a total asshole for asking about bodybuilding advice on the bodybuilding forum on a website about bodybuilding...


jwesus Hey wassup. Density just like Mass in the sense that for each besides diet its all about weight lifted and rep ranges. For Density or rather muscularity as some people refer to it (If I'm not mistaken) you should try to focus on Heavy Weight and low reps. Try to go about 5-6 sets and about 2-4 reps on the heaviest amout of rep that you can handle between that rep range. This helps on density as well as diet and body fat percentages. But as Far as weights go I say you should go With heavy weights at loew reps. Hope this helps you out...Keep Pushing...Peace


density = heavy fucking weight, explosive lifting, low reps, lots of years of hard work








Exactly. I love how everybody posts pictures of oly weightlifters but forget to mention insane amounts of drugs that go with it.
It's mostly genetic TS. Same with veins. If you're not veiny at 7-9% bf after a few years of training,it's highly unlikely that even with winstrol you'll transform into something like this


No offense, but you seem to be holding quite a bit of water. Great structure, btw.

While I do agree with your comment, posting photos of assisted athletes is ridiculous in this context given the OP's question whether it's possible to attain said density by natural means.

Also, let's not forget that a lot of factors contribute to 'density', being lean one of the more important ones.


Cant tell if srs


also found this in a science textbook:

1 - general formula (/with units)
muscle density (g/cm^3) = heavy weights (lbs/kg) x time (years/decades)

2 - general formula (/in general)
m/v = hw x [i]t[/i]