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How to build a T-Vixen article

I just read the “How to build a T-Vixen” article in this week’s issue and man, did it convict me. My wife got in really good shape after doing the Body for Life challenge with me about 2 years ago. Her results in 12 weeks kicked my changes in the butt. Since then, she has backslid and I have improved rather significantly. Part of the reason for her backslide was her own choices, but I must also take a significant part of the blame. Diet manipulation, training manipulation, supplement manipulation - it’s enough to make us all go nuts, even the ones who keep up on all the research and anecdotal info.

Anyway, my point is that I realize that I have to make some changes to my training so that I can fit my wife back into this section of my life. For you husbands out there, I recommend reading the article especially if wife is not currently training. Especially for you guys on a cutting cycle right now. It’s an optimal time to get your wife involved with your training. I know that my wife cannot handle the thought of watching what she eats while I’m on a MAG-10 bulking cycle.

It convicted you? What did you do wrong?? :wink:

Jason, I’m trying to understand your post. Are you adjusting your workout schedule so that you and your wife could spend more time together? OR trying to encourage your wife to workout more/again for the same reason? I guess I don’t understand. My boyfriend and I have many other interests besides training. We have the arts (I’m an artist, he’s a chef), fine food, sports, and something other than the gym, martial arts. Isn’t there ANYTHING else out there that you and your wife could do together that is physically active. Something YOU haven’t done, so that you two could learn together? LIke rock climbing, snow boarding, tennis, GIN RUMMY? Well, you see what I mean…My life does not stop when I’m pre-contest. We still go to movies, galleries, or just take walks about the neighborhood (towards a coffee bar, of course).

My point was that we used to be able to share an active lifestyle. We still do lots of things together, it is just that I have left her in the dust when it comes to diet and exercise. For instance, it is hard for us to eat together almost all the time because of the timing of my P/C and P/F meals and my workout times. My wife wants to enjoy the healthy active lifestyle but she does not want it to consume her. I want to enjoy the lifestyle also, but take it past that point. I don’t want to compete, but I do want to maintain <10% body fat year round (once I get there in the first place) and consistently get bigger. So I’m trying to adjust my workout and diet schedule so that we can eat together more often and go to the gym together more often. Basically I’m trying to think not about what is absolutely best for my progress, but what is best for our progress. A few simple changes and I can include her back into this aspect of my life without really slowing down any of my progress. That’s it:)

I thought the article gave me some good ideas on getting my girlfriend to come train. I would never want her to train with me though. No disrespect to anyone who does, it just isn’t for me. Too much of a distraction, and the gym is my time away from her. Now obviously this is my girlfriend, I would have no problems training with someone like Jill Mills.

Oh, okay. I see. Well, that’s good. I have known people obsessed with physical culture and watch them as their personal lives fall apart while they pursue their personal goal of the body beautiful. I always thought it was rather sad, since they strived for excellence in the gym and did not know how to apply that to the other areas of their lives. As for this T-Vixen article, it’s cool. But, cool for a guy’s gal that WANTS to go to the gym. I have met many men and women who had no desire to spend more than 15-minutes in a day in a some gym. They’d rather cycle (outside), go hiking, skiing, swimming - outdoorsy stuff. There’s other things any man or woman could do to be physically active and all can be done alongside their sig other.

Neither I or my wife desire her to become a T-vixen anymore than she wants me to be an E-man (estrogen man). She keeps in shape with the time alloted to her. She works 30-35 hrs. a week as an RN, teaches our 2 girls at home, and puts up with me! For those empty-nesters, and those with no kiddies, this might be feasible. For me to nag her about this (I realize you didn’t say to) would be quite a bit of nerve on my part. So maybe later when the kids are older.

Yes, I do agree that the article offers some good suggestions if your significant other wants to go to the gym. My wife does want to go, but she just wants to keep it simple, which by the way has worked very well for her in the past. Our current goal is to make M-F the gym days and to use the weekends to take bike rides, rollerblade, hike, x-country skiing etc. Also, since we both work full-time, I want to rearrange my eating schedule so that we can share dinner most nights of the week. Simple changes that will dramatically increase our time together during the week and weekend.

I hear you about the busy work schedule. I’ve been there and done that. However, t-vixen status aside, your wife should incorporate some weight training into her schedule somewhere. The weights help with maintaining bone density, something that goes very quickly with women as they age. Starting much later would be better than not starting at all, but starting earlier would be even better and probably easier to keep up later on.

My wife doesn’t really like the gym atmosphere, yet upon reading the Renegade Training atricles and buying a medicine ball we had a blast together. We would go to the park with the ball, dumbbells, jump ropes, etc. The kids would join in too.

Agreed, under most circumstances. I am on reduced hrs. with my employer, she picked up more time to make up for it. (more than I said b-4) It wouldn’t be my place to say, “honey, you need to pump iron too!”. I don’t desire to live in our unheated garage. I am a strong supporter of wt. training for everyone.