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How to Build a Sled?

Has anyone built there on sled(for the routines posted by dave tate)? If so, what did you use and how did you construct it? $155 is a bit more than I can afford right now for the real thing.

When I get back to the farm in a few weeks, I’m going to make a sled by going to the machine shop and seeing if they have any scrap steel plate. If not, I’ll have to buy some new. Then I’ll cut it to size. This is not important, really, just make it big enough to hold whatever you’re using for weight. Or you can probably get them to cut it, or you might even get lucky and they’ll have something you can use lying around, which is what I’m hoping for.

Then have them break an angled lip into one end. Before or after they do this, depending on where and who does the breaking and cutting, you or them, drill a hole in the center of the angled lip. In this hole you can put a big carabiner or D-ring.

To make the post to load Oly size plates, I’m going to take a section of tubing with a 2’’ OD and sleeve it into a larger piece of tube. I will weld that together and then weld the larger sleeve to the top of the sled.

I will post pictures if and when I get around to doing this.


My husband built mine out of scrap oak, a one inch flange and a pipe. Gonna go pull it right now.
Here’s an earlier thread about it:


There was a thread a while back that had a link to some actual plans for building a steal sled. Perhaps a search may find it.

Step 1: Buy a few crappy plates.
Step 2: Buy rope.
Step 3: Lace rope through plates. Attach to waist using desired method (I made two loops and fitted each over my waist).

It’s been working great for me.

Hey I just finished my sled on Friday. It works great, and it was free. Here is where I read about it:


I waited for a year to get this free from my brother-in-law, I am too cheap to spend the 30 bucks for a new wheelbarrow. I did not hook mine up to chains and a belt, I just made a chain loop on the tub for me to hitch a thick rope to it. My thick rope gets quite a bit of use.

Try a flea market, you should be able to find a rope and tub for less than 30 bucks. Good luck, and have fun.


Thanks guys!

I drilled 3 holes in a peice of plywood, attached a rope to my IronMind Harness and load the sled with large rocks. Works just fine for me.

Off road tire, eye bolt and lock nut, chains, dip belt, nylon strapping optional, sand spike, plywood, 400+lb test carbiner. Figure from there and have fun. Of course there’s always pulling a truck with just chains, carbiner, and dip belt.

Big tires work great. When you get tired of draffing it just flip it.

The cheapest and simplest sled by far is an old peice of carpet about 4’ x 8’. Won’t wreck the grass and can even be used indoors. Be creative.