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How to Build a Cover Model Body?


I would like to aquire a complete program (diet/exercise)focused on building a body similiar to a Menshealth cover model.

Post Away


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Hahaha, well let me rephrase my earlier post ... I would essentially like to know opinions on the best way to attain that look. I mean you hear arguments for and against including cardio and some people swear by just weights and diet...I would like to hear opinions on this because I am a little confused on what to include into my program



Hey how bout this, I'll give you the same deal as Bonez, but for $149.


I'll cut you a deal at $140


Train like everyone else, just eat less.


Buy Mens Health, follow advice within?

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The humour in these forums is amazing ... i knoew right away that if you post something with "cover model' in the heading you are going to get zinged lol ... But seriously though most of us want to look good for the ladies and I just wanted to see what everyone was up too and how they were achieving those goals


Your subject matter was not the cause of the replies you got.

Why should anyone hand information on a platter to you? Who the hell are you? There are thousands of posts and an equal amount of articles on this stuff. Your question is about as broad as it gets. Your sense of entitlement and sheer laziness is why people are ignoring the substance of your posts.


it has nothing to do with your cover model goal, it has to do with you being a lazy bastard.


If you want a serious response, show us what you look like now, and we will let you know the minor details in which you are lacking.


Dont post pics unless you look like this.


Or this


Haha, well I guess it is a broad question and without knowing some information it does seem pretty useless. I am 6'7 256lbs at just over 12% body fat. I played college basketball at the division one level so i am familiar with moves such as cleans squata etc. I was just curious about where to go from the sports training spectrum to aesthetic training. If i should continue to do workouts designed to help on the court and just tweak my diet or if i should be incorporating new workout styles. Just a few suggestions would be nice.


Here's the best bargain you've been offered so far. Pick up Nate Green's Built for Show. $18 bucks for a complete, year-long plan.

You need to include weight training, cardio, and smart eating. That's a vague answer because, like Bonez said, your questions are still vague as hell.

What's your current height, weight, and condition (superfat, sorta-pudgy, Average Joe, or Starvin' Marvin')?

What are some of your current best lifts?

What does your current training program look like?


I am six foot seven 256 lbs. I have about 12% body fat. My best lifts are 305lb Deadlift, 215 lb Bench Press and a 340lb squat. My upper body is what lacks in comparison to my lower. Four years of division one basketball will do that. I tend to put on weight quickly (both fat and muscle) and from trying to keep my weight up i had a notoriously bad diet (like most athletes I figured i could eat what i want because of my sport) Anyways i want to shift from performance orientated to aesthetic orientated training. My current program looks as such

  1. DB Bench Press 4x6-8
  2. Chest Supported Row 4x8-10
  3. Barbell Push Press 3x6-8
  4. Underhand Chinups 3x6-8
  5. Kneeling Cable Core Press 3x8-10

Lower Body Day

  1. Squat work up to 3 rep max
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat 3x6-8 ( i go fairly heavy holding 45lb Dumbbells in each hand)
  3. Glute Ham Raise 3x6-8
  4. DB Romanian Deadlift 3x8-10
  5. Hanging Knee Raise 3x8-10

hope this helps


I found a picture of the OP.

He seriously needs to bring up his upper body. It is tiny compared to his legs.


Exactly. You try to be nice enough to help someone in the right direction, and they still want everything handed to them on a plate.



I'll tell you the secret formula you desire for two easy payments of $69.99... what do you say?