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How to Bring Test Levels Down within Moderate Range?


I’m in 7th week of first cycle test e only, 200mg pinning 1.5cc twice a week. In 3rd week I crashed my E. I stopped arimidex as I was taking 1mg eod.
Did labs again last week and my e is climbing back up and slightly high. I took 1/2 capsule of arimidex and was planning on taking 1/2 every 3rd or 4th day.

My test is high, over 1500. I’d like to get it back down to around 500-600 before my next Dr lab review. I have a week or 2 before I see Dr, and was wondering if I should stop pinning for 2 weeks? And if I did that what could my test realistically drop to? Or should I continue to pin but in smaller doses? He prescribed test cyp 100mg .5cc twice a week.

I went overboard in actually doing a cycle when Dr wanted me on trt so just trying to fix before he finds out and drops me altogether.


Half life of test E/C is a week. So if you are 1500 day 1 of testing you will be roughly half that a week later. If you don’t pin at all your test will be low after two weeks. You should stop your blast and pin a small dose in a week.


My last pin was 10 days ago. My labs just showed >1500. I’ll run labs again on Tuesday masking it 2 full weeks of no pin and hope that brings it down to 600 range. I just don’t know how much higher than 1500 is actually is. Will post back with results next week. Thanks for the feedback.


Ran labs last monday. Test was down to 1140. I had only one small pin 2 weeks prior to running labs. 50cc of test cyp 100mg. I have to go to doc next tue and run labs for him. Im hoping test drops down around 600 ish range.
Im feeling a little achy in the joints and wondering if I did another 50cc tomorrow would that stop the test from dropping or should I just suck it up and deal with the pain a few more days until labs.

Any advise on this? Am I on right track, do you think having 1140 test and not pinning a week will cut that number in half?
Appreciate the help and feedback you guys give here.


sounds good! I’d pin a small amount / TRT dosage this week (about 100mg today - your levels will then still go down further from the 1140 on Monday) to make sure your levels are not too low in a week from now, cause that could also raise questions… Also, it should raise your estrogen at least a little bit and could help with your joints - no AI!

Keep us posted, I’m in a similar situation!


My labs came back with test around 800. So it didn’t drop as much as I was hoping for but was good enough for doc.
Now I have enough time to run a nice cycle before my next Dr labs next year.