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How to Bring Test Levels Down within Moderate Range?

I’m in 7th week of first cycle test e only, 200mg pinning 1.5cc twice a week. In 3rd week I crashed my E. I stopped arimidex as I was taking 1mg eod.
Did labs again last week and my e is climbing back up and slightly high. I took 1/2 capsule of arimidex and was planning on taking 1/2 every 3rd or 4th day.

My test is high, over 1500. I’d like to get it back down to around 500-600 before my next Dr lab review. I have a week or 2 before I see Dr, and was wondering if I should stop pinning for 2 weeks? And if I did that what could my test realistically drop to? Or should I continue to pin but in smaller doses? He prescribed test cyp 100mg .5cc twice a week.

I went overboard in actually doing a cycle when Dr wanted me on trt so just trying to fix before he finds out and drops me altogether.

Half life of test E/C is a week. So if you are 1500 day 1 of testing you will be roughly half that a week later. If you don’t pin at all your test will be low after two weeks. You should stop your blast and pin a small dose in a week.

My last pin was 10 days ago. My labs just showed >1500. I’ll run labs again on Tuesday masking it 2 full weeks of no pin and hope that brings it down to 600 range. I just don’t know how much higher than 1500 is actually is. Will post back with results next week. Thanks for the feedback.

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Ran labs last monday. Test was down to 1140. I had only one small pin 2 weeks prior to running labs. 50cc of test cyp 100mg. I have to go to doc next tue and run labs for him. Im hoping test drops down around 600 ish range.
Im feeling a little achy in the joints and wondering if I did another 50cc tomorrow would that stop the test from dropping or should I just suck it up and deal with the pain a few more days until labs.

Any advise on this? Am I on right track, do you think having 1140 test and not pinning a week will cut that number in half?
Appreciate the help and feedback you guys give here.

sounds good! I’d pin a small amount / TRT dosage this week (about 100mg today - your levels will then still go down further from the 1140 on Monday) to make sure your levels are not too low in a week from now, cause that could also raise questions… Also, it should raise your estrogen at least a little bit and could help with your joints - no AI!

Keep us posted, I’m in a similar situation!

My labs came back with test around 800. So it didn’t drop as much as I was hoping for but was good enough for doc.
Now I have enough time to run a nice cycle before my next Dr labs next year.