How to Bring Back the Pump?

Hey Christian,

I started my cutting macrocycle using the muscle fiber fatigue and lactate/growth factor approach. Based on your courses these are the best training approaches for my neurotype.

Oddly enough, I just can’t seem to get a muscle pump anymore. I rarely got them for the past few years. I mostly eat 2 oranges, 1 grapefruit and a banana preworkout and I use amino’s & elektrolytes intra-workout. I start every morning with one liter of lemon water.

So I am well hydrated, got muscle glycogen and salt. I also make sure to warm up properly and pay attention to good muscle recovery.

I sure thought these approaches would bring the pump back. Sadly it isn’t so. Is my issue purely mind muscle connection related? Or does it have something to do with adrenaline (either vasoconstriction or a lack of thus not being able to contract hard)?