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How to Break Through Stagnant Fat Loss Progress?


Hey Guys,

I was curious as to thoughts on the right amount of calories I should be eating, macronutrient breakdown, and workout/cardio frequency for fat loss. I am 5’11 about 200 pounds with a conservative 18-19% BF estimate. I would like to be about 185 and sub 15%. I am currently eating 2,750 calories with 241P, 275C, 76F

I have been training seriously now for about 4 years and due to certain setbacks like surgery I feel that I have been stagnant in my process over that time. Almost like I have been going back and forth between fat loss and building muscle, without any progress either way. I am not overly fat by any means, but I definitely don’t have the ripped physique I am looking for. I have done countless research on both training on nutrition and wanted to see what you guys thought. My research in helpful but I also feel it is somewhat counter productive as I will change my plan or diet every few weeks. My questions were:

  1. What is the proper amount of calories I should be consuming to maintain (or even build muscle/strength) while trying to get shredded. With that what would a good macro breakdown look like. Especially protein as I have heard countless theories on the right amount. Also, I feel like my calories may be too high for fat loss, but I am concerned about metabolic damage and would obviously like to consume the highest amount of calories while still burning fat.

  2. Is training heavy with compound movements 4 days a week, and lighter but still tough on the body 2 days a week too much? After reading about metabolic damage and was afraid that was happening to me, I kept workouts the same Monday- Saturday, cut back on HIIT cardio to only twice a week and bumped my calories from 2500 to 2750, while increasing carbs.

I appreciate any help you guys can provide as I would like to finally breakthrough this rut I have been in and see significant progress.

Thank you in advance


Presuming you are making clean food choices go for 2750cals and push your self hard on these and you will lean out fast as well as put on some muscle:


Thank you for your help. I am going to try the first program and see how that works. One last question though (and yes I do make clean food choices as much as I can).

Does macronutrient breakdown matter? Should I be worried about having too much protein or too little? I currently have 241g but I used to have about 315, and have toyed to going down to 1g per lb of bodyweight at 200g. Just curious how my diet should really look. Thank you in advance.


One gram is fine, or even a bit less.


Yeah one gram is fine as above.At your stage the best guidelines would be 90% of your diet should be based around eating these foods referenced below, especially greens in abundance.
Can add moderate portion of carbs postworkout like rice, sweet potatoe, etc.

If feeling flat increase good fats first(eg add olive oil to lunch) before upping carbs