How to Break it up?

This is the cycle i’m working on
750 - 1000mg sus
200-400mg deca
50mg dbol
nov daily
clomid post and maybe hcg if i find any
? is how do i break up this much per wk and cc’s per shot

Go by the half lives of the compound (you can find this information pretty much anywhere). One administers the drug often enough to keep concentrations stable. I run my sust at 1000mg/week and i take that in 4 shots throughout a 7 day period. Mon/Weds/Fri/Sat. It’s not a perfectly even split but i use 1cc insulin syringes so it happens to be the simplest way for me to inject it and blood concentrations of the drug stay nice and stable.

Dbol i take in 4 divided doses daily. Some people think this is a bit too often but i would definetly take it at least twice daily. The half life of dbol is only about 4 hours.

Deca is very long acting. Administration once or twice a week is plenty. Depending on the make of your sust though, it might be a painful injection so it helps to cut it with something like this deca.

Just use nolvadex post cycle. It is more effective and has fewer side effects than clomid. If you get hcg most prefer to use it during cycle on the weekend protocol. Read about it on old forum posts (theres lots).

If you’re heart set on this cycle then fine, but deca is not an overly popular drug because of it is very difficult to recover from. There may be better choices of drugs for your specific goals, do some more reading.