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How to Blast on TRT?

I’m currently on a EOD trt injection protocol and was wondering if I wanted to blast do I just add blast dosage To current dosage and inject EOD? or do the blast dosage traditionally twice a week alone while still continuing my EOD protocol ?

Pharma subsection dude

Blasting has nothing to do with testosterone replacement

I don’t think it really matters since a PED/AAS dose of testosterone is so much higher than TRT dosages your levels will be extremely high throughout the cycle.

Yes that would be the easiest method since you are already accustomed to that injection frequency. I personally don’t feel long esters need to be injected more than 2x per week but everybody is different and plenty of guys swear by more frequent injections.

Before you blast make sure your TRT is fully dialed in. Definitely don’t do it if you haven’t been on for at least a year. Make sure to have ancillaries in hand in case of E2 related issues. Typically blasts last 8-12 weeks and then you resume your TRT protocol or taper down and resume.

Thank you for all the info