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How to Bench Press in a Cage Effectiveley


Im trying to get good form on my bench press i arch my back squeeze my shoulders my feet are tucked back im benching 80 but my chest and arms dont feel like i did 3x5 with 80,im a big guy and its harder for me to squeeze my shoulders back and put my chest up,also im pressing with flat bench inside of a cage that might have something to do with form can someone show me a video with a bigger guy bench pressing is a power cage?or give me good directions on how to hit that chest right?


Can't see how a cage would be different... Can you alter the height of where the bar starts? When I'm at Uni I use a proper bench but at home my gym only has cages and it is no different for me either way.


were should i start the bar?


At a height that allows you to clear catches by about 2-3 inches you don't want to have to actually press the bar out of the catches just wanna lock your arms out and it be able to move freely... Post a video of your cage and your set up because to be honest Im not sure how its really even possible to mess this up.


Just low enough for you to take it out of position without compromising your starting position for benching. As above, you don't want to press the bar up as you take it out. Can't you put the bar roughly as high as you would have it as if you were benching on a bench and not in a rack?? Still makes no sense to me how this is an issue.


I typed in "bench press in a power cage" and this was the first video hit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QFCI4hhy70