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How to Bench 1000lbs!!


Sorry if this has already been posted.





uh don't think that counts. The video title says it all assisted bench and they don't mean a shirt.


I would be more impressed to see him rep out 500lb on his own.


Why is it that there is always some super defensive moron questioning what everyone else can lift as if it has anything to do with the silliness of a video?


'All you man'

lets not forget every high school kid under 200lbs can power clean 3 plates also


Hes a pretty big guy, he could probably bench a pretty good amount without having 3 guys lift it for him.

He should just bench normally, he would still be quite impressive.

And wtf is with that skinny kid clinging to the bar while the one dude holds it.

Thats the most ridiculous thing Ive seen to date.


"Mason Bannavong (Johnsovong) POWERS UP a new max of 315 lbs demolishing his old max of 245 lbs."



He's so strong he can't even get 1015 to touch!

Also, I never thought I'd see an assisted powerclean, even though it was basically a full clean.


That was hilarious


He's no Pat Tracy.


That was quite unexciting.


ummm ghey??


Hella swole.


This guys is a joke. I'll bet he can't do 495 raw. If you watch his other videos the guy's butt is four inches off the bench. Nice assisted decline.



If he can bench 1015 assisted, why did 765 have to be assisted as well. It would be more impressive to see him use less weight on his own


1015 lbs / 4 people = 254 lbs per person (rounding up)

A 254 lbs shirted bench with your butt off the bench and only coming to 3 inches off your chest isn't impressive.


lol! If I got the three biggest guys in the gym to spot me, I could totally bench more than that.


His spotters sure have some big traps.


i like his "hair"