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How to Become the Ruler of Hell


Squat till you die, then squat some more to scare the angles in heaven, they will kick you out, you come to hell, and there you squat even more and become the ruler of hell!!!!!


that's obtuse of you to say...


man that avatar, i want to bury my face in that


What an acute observation LOL




When should I do my GHRs and bicepts?





You forgot reverse hypers, and Sled drags too.


and bench


Haha, wonder how many times that dude tried before he made that chair trick! :slight_smile:


I dunno, but I really want to meet him.


Don't be misquoting John Paul.


My bad. Here's the video for great justice

I actually like the deadlift the most, but I think Stallion's favorite lift will always be the squat.


squats are gay

long live the DEADLIFT


squats are for gays - and they belong in hell

long live THE DEADLIFT (in HEAVEN)


Squats are for gays (and gays belong in hell)

Long live THE DEADLIFT (Angels do them in Heaven - I'm with the Angels)

ps only joking about the gays going to hell.

Short-legged freaks who like squatting can still go there though. Unless they repent and get a deadlift that's bigger than their silly geared squats


Squatters go to hell deadlifters to heaven, but where the f*** does the benchers go? Do they become trapped inbetween, or perhaps become ghosts and haunted the houses of poor benchers?


What if... benchers don't have souls?


i think matsa may have somthing there.