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How to Become Average Joe-Athlete?

Hi @Christian_Thibaudeau

I was reading Your last articles about circuit training and all stuff related to isometrics and basically becoming better and I need to say that I’m really impressed by all of Your knowledge that Is amazing.

Getting all those aspects into consideration and my age 36 years I started to work with the usage of whole body workouts EOD style and feel great about it. What I want is to combine more work like an athlete approche but for an average father and office worker.

Of course I don’t ask for a full workout but I just want to ask if what I want to do is good and will not do me any harm but will help with following goals?

Goals are:

  1. Become more athletics (all those times behind the desk is destructive for body so I want to become more agile again)
  2. Gain some strength - I don’t care how much i squat or bench press but some overall strength increase would be nice.
  3. Muscle mass - of course I don’t want to be a bodybuilder but some functional muscle mass is always nice to have.

What I try to do is something like this:

Day 1 Home gym and Isometric day:

  1. Some Plyometric circuit for example(jumps, clapping push ups, db snatch) max 3 sets with 5 reps
  2. Isometric circuit for example(front lever row on rings, planche push ups, isometric deadlift etc) max 4 sets with around 5 reps
  3. One hand farmers walk 3 x 1 min with 1min rest

Day 2 conditioning:
Some ruck walk or shadow boxing

Day 3 full gym strength day:
I plan to do SGHP, Squats and dips with some strength progressions (5-4-3-2-1, ramps, clusters etc) and add some anaerobic work at the end (air bike)

Day 4 conditioning

Day 5 home gym hypertrophy/bodyweight strength day:
Here I plan to do body weight circuit with double progression approach 5 sets with 5 reps of
Handstand push ups, weighted pull ups on rings and some weighted pistols.
Then do circuit for some loaded stretching (push up position, split squat position and something for lats)
At the end there will be some anaerobic work (heavy kettlebell swings etc)

Day 6 conditioning/agility:
Here I plan to find and do some short hill sprint workout. Maybe You recommend something.

Day 7 will be an off day or some light outdoor activity with family

I know that there are a lot of questions but do You think that it is fine for You to take a look at that?
Thank You sir :slightly_smiling_face:

@Christian_Thibaudeau know that You don’t like bumping the threads up but I see that there are 12 days without an answer. Is there something wrong with the above? Too many questions at once? What’s the issue? Just want to know if I need to improve something.