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How to Beat Your Wife?!


I don't think I can even make a joke about this, as the guy seems pretty serious.



Eh, hit them on the head. Their hair hides bruises. Oh and wear a wifebeater tank top.

(Yeah that's sick, I know, but how the hell else is one to respond to the "proper" way to beat your wife.)


It sucks to be a woman in Bahrain. They got the right to vote around 2002.


how do you find stuff like that?


Believe it or not, a friend sent me some link with a woman singing along to the William Tell Overture (sayings your mother has told you), and this popped up under "related clips" (you tell me how the f*ck it's related! -lol)



wow. I'm glad it was something like that.


And here I was watching honeymooners reruns like a sucker!


Um basically he was saying that you can't really beat your wife, especially when he said if she is hurt-allah will not forgive-


He did try to rationalize it though. Either way, it's very hard to know what was really going on when the video's not complete.


Is putting it in her ass as a form of punishment against the rules?

Help, I do not want to go to hell.


Not if she enjoys it.


The Muslim women clearly need help:
(1) Squirt lighter fluid on barbarian's beard while he is sleeping.

(2) Strike match.

(3) Apply to beard.

(4) Record for Youtube.

Now that'd be a cool vid!!


Wow, now, all you rednecks in South Carolina listening and taking notes???


Basically, what he's saying is not to hurt the wife, and that means not to beat her up in the first place.

However, verbal beating is a different issue...


Bang Zoom to the moon!


If you're going to trash-talk the south, at least say it about the deep South, as custom dictates. South Carolina...you gotta be kidding.

The video linked to this. This, you can joke about.


What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?

Nothing you haven't told her twice already.


To me that video is a non-event. I can't think of any beating you could administer, outside of verbal or emotional, that wouldn't result in one of the things that are a problem.

Lighten up, guys.


He was talking about hitting your wife, not any other form of abuse. It's unambiguous in Arabic.


I stick with the Anglo-Saxon rule of thumb: you beat your wife with a stick no larger than your thumb. It's just too bad for my wife that I do both isolation and compound exercises for my thumb, on top of the already insane video game schedule I have. Well, 1000+ years of tradition can't be wrong!

(I keed, I keed!)


Now THAT is funny! I am still chuckling, thanks!