How to Beat Two Weird Addictions?

I have two weird, but related, addictions/habits that I want to break.

  1. The first one is that I pluck the hair on my chin excessively. Whenever I get nervous, bored, anxious, stressed, etc. I start plucking away, and it brings me a lot of relief. This wouldn’t really bother me all that much, except plucking the hairs creates sores, acne, and nasty marks on my face.

  2. The second is that I HAVE to pop every acne that I get. It brings me a lot of joy to see it explode out. This probably wouldn’t be too bad, but it leaves scars, bruises, marks, red spots, sores, etc. all over my face.

Now I know you might say “well just don’t do it”. I try that all the time, the best I can do is get to about a week, and then my mind just breaks down and I rush into the bathroom and start destroying my face.

Is there any good strategies that could work?

I don’t personally have experience with this, but you could first try keeping your finger nails as short as possible to make it harder for you to destroy your face. If that doesn’t work you could always try taping your fingertips so that it’s basically impossible for you to do anything to yourself. I’m surprised you can make it a week then break down I figured after a week you’d be over the regression “hump”.

have you tried hitting yourself?, allow me.

lol, my ex gf had a huge fettish w/ popping pimples… it was cute at first but after a year or so it got annoying…

Sorry, I don’t have any advices I’m just rambling.

You should stop doing those things.

Like that old Mel Brooks comedy sketch about the psychiatrist and someone who had some compulsion to tear paper into little pieces…his advice? “C’mon… don’t tear paper!”

How about you try shaving daily? Then go to a derm and get some medication for your skin.

If it continues to be a problem, find another hobby because you have to much time on your hands.

Switch it up with masturbation.

Those certainly are some quirky, head-scratching habits you have there!

I have this habit where I keep killing hookers and stacking their dismembered torsos in my closet. I have 19 now. The ghost keeps telling me I need 50 in total, “for the harvest”. This is puzzling to me as I’m not a farmer of any sort.

Most of my spending money these days goes towards febreeze, but even the anti-bacterial stuff can only do so much to quell the permeating stench.

Anyway, its Saturday…I have to get to work.

Seek professional help.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:

Most of my spending money these days goes towards febreeze, but even the anti-bacterial stuff can only do so much to quell the permeating stench.


Pack them in epsom salt. This will dry them out and keep down the stench.

Good luck with the harvest.

Eat more protein

embrace it

Drink a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up.

This is coming from a guy who represses his OCD successfully.

study your physic instead

cognitive behavioral therapy is supposed to address that sort of OCD shit you got going on. So professional help like westcoast feller said.

  1. shave your chin
  2. try some differin 3% or accutane

good luck

OP, an antidepressant might help you. It can address both anxiety and OCD-type symptoms, though you may want to look into some behavioral therapy as well. Good luck.

Edit: the hair pulling is called trichotillomania.

better hygeine

Decide to never do it again, for any reason, whatsoever, if for no other reason than because you are stronger than the pathetic wimp that likes to see zits pop. (Very creepy btw)

William James on breaking habits —> Suffer not a single exception until your new behaviour is firmly engrained. (or something like that)

In other words, cold turkey. Please figure it out.

Print a picture of Edward James Olmos and hang it next to your mirror.