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How to be a T-Man

Ive been following the site for a few months now, getting opinions and reading some of the advice…you guys are definetly the real deal…forget Bill Phillips and Joe Weider…oh, and by the way, to TC and the whole gang…the new look is great!!..but my question I propose to you is…I want to be a true T-Man, I want the body and the looks and everything. I have worked out with weights for almost 5 yrs, but nothing body building oriented, just getting more explosive and stronger for football…I know it takes the work and the dedication to do so, and Im definetly game…but where do I start, whats the first step…how do I get going basically…thanks in advance fellas.

OK the rules for being a T-man. Well, there are a few basic qualities you need, and I will summarize them. First, you got to be great looking. Unless your Nate Dogg of course, but he is funny, and women like that. Second, ya gotta be hung like a horse…except for Nate of course, we keep him on as a contributing member of the itty bitty teeny weenie pee pee committee…and again, because he is funny. Thirdly, ya gotta…I am just busting with you. Look, all this is really about is PEOPLE WHO WANT TO LOOK GOOD NAKED…PERIOD. Actually, there is a wealth of information under the STICKMAN thread…check that out first, and go to the different articles people have suggested there. If you have played football, you have a good base already, now you just have to look at your body and see what you have to bring up to par. As a guy who played football, I found that my lower body was in great shape, all the squats, sled work, etc, but my upper body needed more work. It is up to you to take a look in a mirror, see what you need, and go from there. There are a lot of specialization programs in t-mag to get you where you want to go…for example…12 weeks to great guns, the limping series, just check yourself out…check out the stickman thread, and pick your poison bro. Good luck to you!!

Whopper, you are cracking me up! That’s right FEK, it already sounds like you are on your way to being a true T-man. First, you’ve found the right place to learn what being a T-man is all about. And you have played football and lifted weights for quite some time. Even if you aren’t “bodybuilding” you are still a T-man if you train hard and eat right. And of course, you have to have the Testosterone Attitude. That’s what it’s all about. After reading a few articles, you’ll know exactly what a T-man is. In fact, I think TC wrote a good article in one of his Atomic Dogs that talked about being a T-man. Go check it out. I’m sure you’re already in the T-man category! :slight_smile:

Hey whopper…

Thanks for the advise…while I think I fit your original criteria…lol…anyways…I know for sure that I need to slim down, and build up my abs…my arms could use work, as I have never realy done much for big arms…but I think my chest, shoulders, and legs are all pretty well off…I would like to put more mass in my pecs cause thats just a sweet ass look…anyways…thank for your advice, and lemme know if you can recommend any specific routines or anything…thanks again

What position did you play? I played defensive end, so I know what ya mean about the stomach…when your trying to drop someone…any weight (fat or muscle) is good weight!! As far as arms, since your already an experienced lifter…try Ian Kings 12 weeks to great guns. I have not tried it yet, but have heard some good results on this forum. For myself, I am doing a nandro / fina cycle for about 3 weeks trying to go from 242 to 255-260, then looking at some specialization to bring up the laggards over the summer. I get a great chest easy, but my damn arms and shoulders are a bitch to bring up…so thats what I will be doing this summer! Good luck!

I played O-gaurd and D-tackle so those extra few pounds did come in handy…Ill look into Ian Kings great guns…thanks fellas