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'How to be a Gym Hater'


Some real gems in this clip. I'm sure it'll hit home with a lot of folks watching.



This dude has been putting up awesome/hilarious youtube content for years now. I don't know if it was his first vid or not, but "My New Haircut" is what made me start following his stuff. Funny guy.


My New Haircut is the same guy? They're both hilarious, but I thought they were two different guys.

Do You Even Lift is my favorite of this guy's.


Oh maybe they are I dunno, when I first saw this guys video's I always thought he looked like the My New Haircut guy had decided to spend some time bulking up a bit and switched it up to gym vids.


can this be stickied?


This video was great!


That's some classic stuff right there


Genetics is always the trump card.


"build a thousand bridges and suck one dick, you're not a bridge builder; you're a dick sucker"

laughed my ass off at that


Gotta love Dom.


Hah! That one was the best!


jack3d tastes like house music had me properly loling