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How to Be a Better People Pusher?


i was at work today and a workmate and me (the guy is 8 kilos heavier then me) were messing and pushing each other and he could easily push me back, even with one hand. i've been on a powerlifting routine for 6 months and i thought this strength could help me take this guy. so does anyone know what exercises are best for er...pushing people???


Is he heavier and stronger than you? I mean, just being on a powerlifting routine doesn't mean shit if you're not actually getting stronger.


-isometric holds
-tire flips
-sled drags
-punching heavy bag
-pushing kids
-pushing fat kids
-pushing teens
-pushing women


i'am getting stronger. i was just surprised that he could easliy push me back. i've been on a powerlifting routine for 6 months. do you think it will take more weight gain and more strength in powerlifting to beat this guy?



I so wish I'd made my account back in '08 and not '09 ...

@mr strenght; Squats and milk


get lower


its technique, your pushing with your muscles, he's pushing with his weight,
get good support and firm stance on the floor and thrust your bodyweight into him, ur strenght advantage will also aid,
thought i do not find this particular situation of any importance, but , whatever you fancy
good luck


CUT BLOCK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53hM_peXUhg


ouch!!! never want that to happen to me!


Piss on him.

You won't even have to touch him, trust me.


Subtle and effective.


powerlifting for 6 months?
Its not going to be easy just randomly pushing someone your height (I assume) who outweighs you by close to 20 pounds while also standing tall and with your feet together.
You will need to drop low, stagger your stance wide and push with your legs...but that will look stupid if you guys are just joshing around in the workplace and you go to all that trouble.

Train by pushing your car on flat ground and work up to an incline......and squat heavy with a wide stance. And gain 25-30 pounds. Push jerks and push presses can also help.


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Whats the GOC?


Wow, a thread to ask how to push people better? I thought that was just something gangstas did before a fight that usually never happens. So you people PRACTICE this? Amazing, we should have a T-Cell for improving people-pushing skills. That would be totally GANGSTAAA!!!


Lower your center of gravity, try to actually dig your feet in to the floor, and most important stay balanced. A large part of it is he is more than likely pushing you off balance and then using that to further move you.

Its as simple as stand on the tips of your toes and I can push you over with one hand, but stand with a wider base for your footing and dig your feet in and its going to make it a lot harder.

And when you push make sure the movement starts from the ground up, Push with your legs then pop with your core and back and then push out with your arms last. It should almost follow the same mechanics as a proper punch by starting from the ground up and at each part of the body adding another link in the chain and more power. Boxers never flail randomly with there arms only, they st there feet and then push off with them, then rotate the core, turn over the shoulder and snap out the arm.


Think he meant COG = center of gravity


That's what I thought he meant, but BBB has a biomechanics background too, so I thought he might have been thinking about something that hadn't crossed my mind...