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How to Backflip


hey guys, im 16 and play soccer. i want to know how to backflip (to celebrate when i score lol). Anyone know the technique on how to backflip and some good exercises or technique drills?



There are a ton more tutorials on the web.

Find a big, soft mat, like a high jumping landing mat to practice. Even better would be going to a gymnastics place during the open gym, you might even get help from a coach.

Key points:
- use your arms on the jump
- wait to tuck until the top of the jump
- tuck tightly

Explosive ab work will help the tuck, like hanging knee raises. The biggest obstacle is getting over the fear. Once you do that, its smooth sailing.



Definitely. Back flips are easy. Much easier than front flips. You just have to get over the fear of going back and not seeing where you're going.


Hey that's a pretty badass website.


Step One: Play Football Instead

Step Two: Go across the middle

Step Three: Jump to catch a pass

Step Four: Get destroyed by a middle line backer

Step Five: Ass over tea-kettle

Step Six: Land

Step Seven: Repeat


It's how I learned. The dude who runs that website also frequents T-Nation. club540.com has some good stuff, and there are some serious b-boy sites out there.