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How to Avoid Spare Tyre?

I have put on 16kg of weight since Jan and am relatively happy with my progress after a long lay off from a lower back disk herniation.

What I’ not happy about is the spare tyre I have forming around my lower belly.

My diet
6:00am - 1 scoop whey, 1 cup egg white, 1 cup oats, vite, salmon oil cap

10:00am - icup basmati rice, mixed veg, 200gms kangaroo mince, a few nuts

12:30 - 1 cup basmati rice mixed veg, 150grms chicken breast, salmon oil cap

15:00 - 1cup basmati rice, mixed veg, 150gmscanned tuna

17:00 - pre workout - 1 cup basmati, 200gms kangaroo mince

at the gym 18:00 - 1 scoop whey befroe training,

19:00 - 19:30 post workout - one serving n-large

20:30 - 1 large potato 200 gms kangaroo mince

midnight i wake up automatically like a clock for a protien shake and a salmon oil cap

I take performance enhancing supps and multivits as well. Anyways I am aware that this is probably over kill and have started only eating rich carb sources preworkout - oats and post workout - n-large and 1,5 hours later rice and meat.

Im doing this on the basis of fueling my body just for the workout out and replacing used glycogen - otherwise I’m trying to keep insulin at a minimum all day.- What type of cardio, when and how often - and is it a bad idea to cut that many carbs out so suddenly?

Long post - sorry - just a little confused as to what I should do.

How much are you gaining a week. if putting on to much FAT to fast then simply lower total intake or yes up the activity a bit heck go for a 30 min walk a day. its a start.