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How to Avoid Side Effects with First Cycle?

So I’m about to start my first cycle here. On hand right now I have 3x Test E 300mg and 3x EQ 250mg, 3 bottles of nolva, and hcg. Was planning on running 400mg of both test and EQ for 14 weeks with 2 pokes of 200mg per week of each compound. PCT would be running nolva for 5 weeks starting 2 weeks after I finish my cycle as well as starting hcg 10 days after I finish my cycle for 1000mcg per day. Any advice on what I should add to prevent side effects or just advice in general? I’d be open to ditching EQ and just running test if a majority of you guys think I should. THANKS !!!

I think for your first cycle ever, I would look at running test only. Based on the long half life of EQ you would have to stop about 2 weeks prior to stopping the test for them both to be out of your system around the same time. And apparently (I have never used EQ) it greatly increases you hematocrit I believe? Which can cause blood pressure and heart issues from pumping thick (high viscosity) blood.

That’s my 2 cents, but others have a lot more value to offer.

EQ is a horrible idea for a PCT guy. Its half life is almost two weeks so you are going to need to wait 6+ weeks to start PCT after your last injection. There are ways to time your compounds and minimize the lag but the point is… don’t do it. Throw away EQ… its cheap anyway. Go with test solo or test plus a finishing oral for first cycle.

The best way to avoid side effects is to remove the EQ from the equation. It’s going to do nothing but complicate your life. Save it for another time. Run test only, train hard, eat to grow, you’ll be happy with the results.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll ditch the EQ, opinions on starting with an oral like dbol for the first 6 weeks? I’m hoping to add 20-30lbs on this first cycle so if you think I could get that off of test alone then that should be good? Thanks for the advice

Believe he’s a fan of Oralsat the end… that way you know how you’re body reacts to test and what the symptoms are from (test or oral) should you have any.

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Ahhhhh, very good point

Send it my way and I can dispose of it properly.