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How to Avoid Lower Back Pain?

i have been training consistently for about 1 and a half month now and i have seen great progress the problem is that because i lift more and more weight every session my back hurts but not in a debilitating way i can still train hard, my form seems ok at least in the mirror chest out straight back and full range of motion, how can i mitigate the pain and have it removed completely??
for some weird reason when i was training 1-2 years ago i was able to deadlift weight at the rep range of 1-3 reps without any discomfort i don’t know why is that.

  1. Film your technique on any lift that you suspect is aggravating your back
  2. Where on your back do you feel discomfort? Refer to the image below
  3. What, exactly, does your program look like? Include any sort of prep/warm up stuff you do, and every training day as written
  4. Are you experiencing any pain in your legs or feet?
  5. How long does it take for your symptoms to subside after training?
  6. Is there anything that eases/alleviates your symptoms? Include positions, exercises, activities, ice, heat, medication etc.
  7. Is there anything that aggravates your symptoms (not including training)? Include positions, exercises, activities, ice, heat, medication etc.

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I know this isn’t helpful, but theres something about that picture that tickles me. What’s with the white circle, is that deadlift worms :joy:. I’ll be serious now as you do give good information.

My back was cranky when I started out due to moving up weights fast, not stretching properly and trying to make up for poor mobility in ankles by hyper extending my back on squats.

I lift heavier now but my back rarely feels rough, except when I train hard and then sit on the couch for hours. Then standing up is suddenly a shock to my system.


Hahah it Certainly does it look weird. That circle is checking for coccydynia (tailbone pain) which could be aggravated by lifting but is unrelated to lifting, and for Cauda Equina syndrome which requires [urgent] medical attention if present. Hopefully that isn’t OP…

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Back pain is enough of a pain (ba dum tsssss) to diagnose is person never mind online. Good luck.

@pldmerdakor if your symptoms are really flared up at the moment I’d recommend doing whatever you need to bring those symptoms down a bit which could include training lighter with less volume for a session or two, complete rest, walking, avoiding activities/movements/postures that cause you discomfort etc.

Is important because when you are flared up and sensitised to discomfort any tests done to you and self diagnosis is likelier to come up with false positives which muddies the whole process.

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Thanks, i remember equina being something to do with the nerves being like a horse tail. I will go look at it properly.

Btw I changed squats to box squats while I worked on my mobility. That helped but then the gyms closed.

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If you want, it’s really rare but important to check for.
Other symptoms:

  • genital numbness
  • urinary incontinence or inability to urinate

Ehhh. You don’t need to diagnose to be able to manage LBP (or any misuse condition). You just need to know what the individual’s current impairments and goals.

McGill’s in-depth biomechanical model of LBP is missing 2/3 of the picture of health and rehabilitation. He’s not wrong, but he’s not entirely right. Specific biomechanical solutions for LBP are required for less than 10% of cases, and pretending otherwise raises the barrier to entry for improving someone’s function, whilst simultaneously increasing dependency on therapists/clinicians and outdated models of human function

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Well again good luck

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i agree i know i should not push on discomfort but i do i just have so much energy and want to channel it and i get carried away, maybe i will add a lot of stretches and corrective exercises that i will find on the internet and then try reduce my volume etc. and get some rest for the moment for my lower back to heal completely.

i feel the discomfort in the green and pink circles and also between them, first off if i deadlift i really cannot train for some days 1 to 3 and most of the pain comes from back exercises i guess you don’t want much detail so, i do 2 sets of chin ups 3 bent over rows 3 t-bar rows and 3 dumbell rows in one workout and i don’t do much warm up and no i don’t feel any pain in my lower body and usually the pain is better the other day but some days it gets a bit worse, lower back stretches and putting my legs up to a wall with a towel on my lower back alleviates some pain and i am thinking of adding lower back strengthening exercises maybe that will help?? i don’t know i will try, if i sit with bad posture or if i sleep in weird positions i wake up with more pain, and lastly sorry not quoting anything that will be easier to read but i don’t know how to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel u dude. If there’s stuff u can do without irritating things have at it. Some stretches and low level stuff might irritate. Also do things that make u feel better even if that is just rest. For both aggravating and easing things take some notes like what movements/load/postures, if anti inflammatory medication helps, how u feel in the morning/night, after warming up etc. anything pre much related to symptoms and how they behave

Probably benching and upper body stuff u can push hard.

You may find u can still push lower body maybe in different ways. Leg press instead of squats. Leg extensions and ham curls should be aight.

For the time being I’d advise go conservative with whatever u do because reasons as per previous post. Try some things. It’s good to still be moving if u can eg walking. But be chill

When I fucked me back last year everything irritated it at first even just chilling doing nothing. Walking felt nice. Took a solid month to bring down symptoms enough to start testing out some movements again. Was able to suss our what was wrong without the interference of my discomfort being flared up and sensitised.

Didn’t do much lower body training for long while. Few months. Stuck to the process though and I’m stronger and healthier than ever now. Hit 600lb DL few months ago and working towards 300kg / 660 lbs sooner or later.

Everyone is a little different but you’ll probably do well if u commit to the process though to be fair it’s kinda a bother


This guy’s look is pretty silly, but this video talks about keeping your abs tight (ribs and pelvis pulled together) to take pressure off your back. Instead of over extending (or overarching your) lower back. Basically bracing correctly so you don’t use too much lower back and get painful tightness.

This video is about small corrective moves for your abs, obliques, hamstrings and glutes. If you want to use Less lower back, you want to use More of these muscles.

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i will take a look at those thanks!!

good to know, and 600 pounds deadlift like wow how you get there :smiley: ?? the cause must be that my bones are slow to adapt to the training stimulus as i do aggressive progressive overload, my muscles are ready but not my bones.

That’s a really really good sign. LBP in this area is typically far, far easier to manage than LBP in any other zone.

We’re going to need some footage of your deadlift. Footage of all the heavy lower body or back exercises that you do would be great, but we’ll particularly need footage of your deadlifts since you’ve said it’s a big aggrevating factor for you

Nope, please shoot through your entire session plan, involving every exercise, sets, reps, rest periods and progression model. Otherwise I can’t help you

Another good sign. LBP made better with spinal flexion isn’t often related to the bones/joint (although occasionally, it still can be). Do you get any pain or discomfort with walking?

Low-back strengthening and core stability exercises to reduce LBP are a huge red herring. Low back discomfort associated with training is a problem with how you’re training, not with your body’s own strength/stability.

Based on what you’ve said so far, I’m inclined to think that doing low-back strengthening exercises will not be as beneficial for you as improving your programming and/or becoming more proficient at the lifts.

Also, please please please send us your program, with every little detail. I’m not trying to be difficult, rather, I need all the information I can possibly get before I can give you useful information

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Training smart I guess. Being consistent. Learning from my past mistakes so I can stay injury free. Eating a lot lol. Takes time/ patience


On point :clap:. Injuries aren’t complicated, nor are they a given. Making good decisions whilst still working your ass off is key

Why don’t u decide too stop running crossfire so u can make some mad gains lol

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So I can be more functional than all you fat powerlifters duh