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How to Avoid High Bodyfat Lowering My Testosterone?


Hello, im trying to find a way to be a shw(powerlift) without lowering my testo with a high bf.

I dont have any links now but u can search on google tons of sites on high bf reducing testosterone

What i can do to minimize the effects ? (Dont want use roids)
Im thinking in using DIM or something similar i dont know if gonna help

i’m 242 lbs 6’2 25%bf 26 yo


At 6’2" you want to be a SHW and not take steroids. You are going to be carrying alot of fat. Why not compete at normal HW?

If you are a natural does that mean no clomid or other AI?


hi , i m more weak on light bw , i was previously at 265 lbs but at 32% bf, only at this level my lifts start to be good, after this i did a cutting and reduce to my actual weigth 242lbs and is ridiculous my total and i find difficult to increase weigths.

Before i was at 220 lbs and 180 lbs and dont make any progress at this weigth.

My fat is more on my chest,lower back,arms and face, but my belly its last place…i have more boobs than belly lol

i think clomid is fine, and dim is ok?

i know i will have hard time trying compete on shw level but i want to try, only i dont want putting my test a lot more down…


Well check with your federation about the antidoping rules.

Also get a blood test. Some guys have higher T even with more fat.


ok i will check with the federation about the rules.

But how some people have good test level even with high bf?


Like this:

Olympics SHOULD be drug free. But who knows


This is one of the weirdest questions I’ve seen. Why would you want to be a SHW? Most people cut down to a lower weight class?

How do you know you’re 25%? What are your lifts? I can’t imagine they’re respectable, if they were, you’d be trying to go down a weight class, not stay up.

Why don’t you just cut down to a respectable BF% and add enough muscle to put yourself in SHW?


If you dont know how to make gains at 220 then you are doing something wrong/have a lot to learn about long term progress

Read pretty much any strength training articles from the tnation part of the website especially a bunch by Jim wendler, Dan John and Dave Tate. Alpha/Brian Alsruhe’s training logs are a great resource also


Answer this question first and maybe we can figure something out.


@Basement_Gainz lol

@dchris chris okay, so lets reformulate my question to a a non weird thing, how can i be at my previous weight, or more, with non so high bf?What can i take to achieve this, even drugs , with non too much colateral efects

i think if i do a second cutting i will stay pretty fucked…

I did a dexa scan when i decided to cutting. and after i did another scan…


When i was at 180-220 lbs i tried SS with a good diet, but always stalling, after months i decided to deload move to another program


225 lbs
160 lbs

330 lbs

442 lbs
265 lbs

SQ and DL very easy when i was with more weight, only BP i always had difficulties


You are suppose to stall on SS. That’s why Texas Method exist…


Wait… you’re saying that at 180-220 lbs bodyweight, you were only able to total about 750 lbs??? And that as a 265, you still only totaled about 1200?



You have NO BUSINESS jumping to SHW. You need to learn how to eat right, and you need to learn to train right. You’re doing both wrong right now, period. You’re in a bad place, buddy. The LAST thing you need to be thinking about is supplements. That has absolutely nothing to do with your problems, and it won’t fix them.


I Second what @flipcollar said.


Muscle comes to mind as a possible solution…


And here I was hoping that you had a near elite total… Damn, the amount of people with ridiculously silly questions on this site is at an all time high. Since I’ve been here at least.


Yeah people always stall hard on SS.
Ok you’re a low level intermediate at best. Try the ‘Getting ready to powerlift’ template in the thread below and like I said read some articles by those guys above…