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How to Avoid Gynecomastia?


hey guys

during my first cycle I took 500mg/week testosterone enanthate . I stopped after 5 weeks because I felt Gynecomastia coming up then I started taking nolvadex 20mg/day for about 2 weeks. I gained 16lb in 5 weeks.

my stats were (before first cycle)
height : 6 feet
weight: 185 lbs
bf 12%

now i want to take a next cycle but i'm afraid of getting gyno.
i thought about taking a lower dose of test enanthate 250mg/week combined with aromasin/femara or arimidex and at the end hcg. or should i take trenbolone enanthate with masteron. I need some advise please. my apology for my bad english


250mg is a cruise dose, it will barely put you into supraphysiological levels. Did you run an AI your first cycle?

I would run 10mg of Nolva throughout the entire thing, on top of an AI. But I wouldn’t run the test any lower than 4-500mg.