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How to Avoid/Combat Acne



I always tend to do short cycles with short esters (never more than 4 weeks long) simply because I like the idea of short cycles better. the recovery is eaier, and there are less side effects since most side effects come in longer cycles and tend to show up after week 5-6. but because I have exams in june, I decided to do less frequent injections, and that simply means I had to use deca, and test cyp, and with them any cycle less than 10 weeks is just plain stupid.

My cycle is as follows:

Week 1-4 dbol 35mg ED
Week 1-10 test cyp 400mg
week 1-9 deca 300 mg


week 1-10 hcg 500iu twice a week
week 1-10 arimidex 1 mg EOD

for pct I will be doing nolvadex and clomid.

now since I never have done long cycles I dont know if I am prone to acne, And having seen some scary pictures of bodybuilders who had developed some cystic acnes which was so bad that had to stop taking steroids and start antibiotics. I want to know for "chemichal" ways to avoid it (i know the stuff about keeping yourself, bed sheets, tshirts, and face clean all the time and stuff like that)

so how can I can I do this? Also not having ever developed any acne from my shorter cycles , could it mean that I am not prone to acne or is that not a good indicator?


accutane is a very effective drug for treating acne, I've heard it can have some harsh sides tho, I've never used it.

If you have never had an acne problem on shorter cycles I can't see it just popping up in the later weeks, unless it was just a small amount... do you have acne off cycle? did u have it as a teenager? I highly doubt you will have problems


Forget about the acne. What are you going to do if you dick stops working because of increased prolactin?

Accutane = atom bomb. Last resort. Bad recommendation.


acne.org is a great place for info and treatment. I use to have POUNDS of acne on my face, nothing made my skin more clearer/healthier then their treatment/advice. The founder of the company is always answering questions and posting vlogs to help it's members' concerns.


Whoops! wrong pic






Fuck! it hurts lookn at that before pic, but generally they just recommend this cleanser and benzoyl peroxide cream, use it generously and gently.


so....... are u telling me off? ....advicing something? ....... showing me a different way to do things? lol

sorry , but the way you wrote this comment was as if you were gonna give an advice on something, but you just mentioned another problem without a solution.


It's a valid queston. 30 minutes of research will leave you with an answer. There's actually so much information in my post that it should take less than 10 minutes.


benzoyl peroxide as mentioned, also differin cream is magical and wash your face with a salycilic acid/glycolic acid cleanser and you're set

It's a lot of shit to be putting on your face all day along, especially considering how aggressive some people's acne can be, but it works.

Some people use this anti-biotic thing, cant remember its name, but i don't wanna add to the litany of pills i already ingest

you're welcome