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How to Attract Birds to Birdfeeders?


Put up several bird feeder 2 months ago. Some on the deck and some out front. Still haven't seen any birds yet? I live in a new development with no other houses around me yet. Anyone have suggestions on how to attract the birds? Yes there is bird food in them


When you say that you live in a new development, does that mean that you have no trees or bushes around? I would think that like most wild animals, birds would congregate in areas that have food, cover and water in close proximity. Otherwise, they burn calories traveling from their nest to your feeder.

Do you have a cat running around loose? House cats eat lots of songbirds. No reason to let a cat out of the house. House cats under my feeders end up dead.

You might also consider calling your DNR and speaking to a bird biologist and getting some tips from them on your specific area and species that are common to it.


Place them over an expensive car.


Put some nice beds and some cable HD TV's in there. Maybe a small bar too.


From past experience cats don't prevent birds coming to the feeder...they just don't leave!


How cold does it get where you are? I'm no bird expert, but our local wild bird sanctuary (Santa Rosa, N. California) told us to stop filling our finch feeder over a month ago. Apparently some species won't migrate to a warmer climate for the winter if they have access to food, then they die from the cold.


Good one. However, if the cat keeps hanging around (as most predators would), the other birds will wise up and stay away.


Quoted for truth.


I have a jillion birds. But this is an old established yard with fruit trees and rose bushes.

Birds do like color so if you put some red out into your yard for hummingbird feeders or even fake flowerers, the birds will be attracted to the color.

Here is a pic of the blue jays that own my yard. I put out peanuts and these birds bury and hide the peanuts.

add color, put out feeders, even just a bowl of water, and I hope you get to enjoy the beauty of birds. I know I am very lucky.




nooooo it is more than seeds

please put out birds nests nad covering


Put out a couple dimes, I seem to remember Woody Woodpecker had a thing for dimes.


Try hitting her...err...them.


It does take a few months for them to discover. Also, try throwing a good amount of seed on the ground, preferably cement, so it doesn't F up your grass. This will help them discover sooner.


Seed will go bad (moldy). So if the seed has been there for a few months, try replacing it.


try putting food in the bird feeder, brah.