How to Asses Structural Imbalances?

Hey gang,

I have been researching the whole structural imbalance subject for some time now and I would like to get my self assed without paying for it. Yeah I am cheap bastard I know…

I did find someone who was qualified to do the assesment, but being a student I simply can’t afford it.

So I was hoping someone in here knew of some good assesing rutines, websites etc. that would make it possible for me to try it out for myself.

It’s a poor mans choice but then, I am that guy at the moment…

A. Don’t know why you posted in the combat forum.
B. Structural Balance for what? Poliquin uses a structural balance test for the upper body that can be found in the article section of this site. For the lower body there are numerous tests. Klatt, Functional Movement Screen. There is even and old Russian? test that bases everything off of the squat, this tests includes the -lifts though.
C. Tests will very depending in sport. A pitchers upper body test will vary significantly from the standard upper body version.

This website is great however it means you have to spend time in the injury section of this website and read everything on this site written by Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, interviews with stuart mcgill and related authors on this site.