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How to Approach the Topic of Steroids ??


At my gym there are 6 well built guys in a click that workout together. Ive noticed that two of them have pumps on there shoulders, about half an inch off the skin and 2 inches wide. They could be the type of bumps you get from steroid injections.

The two guys Ive noticed with the bumps are the young beginners, the other 4 are huge in size. Im talking monsters lol, one of them is maybe 6,3 300-350 lbs with about 14-16% body fat.

SO I think that they are cycling but I don't know how to bring up the topic without sounding like an asshole. I really don't know any of them other then seeing them at the gym every other day.

Two questions, does anyone have injection bumps on there shoulder and if so plz post a pic of the bump so that i may have something to compare it to.
second, does any one have any way of approaching the "do you use steroids" conversation without making it crazy awkward. some people are touchy about this subject...


so your idea is...now bear with me.

walk up to a 6'3" 300-350 pound well built "monster"
and say
"hey Brah, I noticed you have bumps all over your shoulders".

and then your next idea is to ask the same guy.
"hey brah, your on drugs right?"

tell ya what, you do that and when you get out the hospital with a wired jaw you tell me how it worked out for ya ok.

incase you didnt get that.



/thread, you're welcome


Maddy and I just saved your life


I dont get it, are you trying to obtain steroids? Is that the point?


Are trying to be a jerkoff or does is come natural?? I have already admitted its a touchy subject, I already get my gear my way... I just wanted a local hookup.

and you didn't even attempt to help out, you just criticized my questions and told me to mind my business. I see nothing wrong with using gear responsibly, and its people like you that make talking about it so damn awkward.

One more thing, your an idiot for thinking we would get into a fist fight because of it, a total idiot.


lol calm down man lol little too sensitive


No i just wanted a way of bringing up the topic without it being awkward. But apparently you guys think bringing up steroids in a convo is reason for fighting ... ???

Its all this tension when it come to talking about steroids as if were talking about meth.


"Hey braw, just saw that you have bumps on your delts, you gots on them steroids right?" That's going to go down smooth there Joshy boy. Most real users will look at you and give you the stink eye after you drop that bomb on them. Are you high or just plain retarded? You are going to ask them if they are willingly breaking the law in a very, very public place. What they do behind the curtains is their business, just like your panty sniffing fetish.


wtf, how did you know about the panty sniffing???? what im I thinking RIGHT now....

I think I shouldve asked you guys whats the worst way i can bring up the steroid topic, because that seems to be the only responses i'm getting lol.
Yea im gonna go "hey i see bumps on your shoulder, give me steroids, give me now!!!!"

Its this bad stigma associated with steroid use, even steroid users arent willing to talk about steroids. And it seems every one is feeding into it.

"What they do behind the curtain is their business" "drop that bomb on them" could you try and make it sound any worst.

Why do you guys think steroid use has this awful stigma, and users aren't willing to talk about it. and its not fear of the law. marijuana is illegal, yet users cant stop talking about that shit. as a matter fact there are tons of marijuana legalizing association. Where are the proponents of juice legalization??

Sry to vear off topic, I dont think I wanna hear anymore any more helpful opinion on approaching the topic of steroid use.


The first step is to make friends with them and build trust. Before that they have no reason to tell you anything personal.


you are the first person to actually attempt to help. I'm kinda friends with them right now, well more like an acquaintance, on like a hey watsup, hows it going basis, nothing personal, im just gonna wait and see maybe it will come up in convo some day. .

Im just happy someone has positive and progressive imput.


You have to be one of the guys before any secrets are told or input is given.


i'll give you an example

this topic is like trying to get a girl in bed.
You gotta first introduce yourself, gain her trust, talk to her, build attraction, make a small move, next thing u know you're all up in her.

For this situation, make friends, talk about different things, bring up training, ask them for advice and then when they're comfortable with you and you are comfortable with them, there will be no problem asking if they can give u advice about anabolics.

One step at a time.


Thanks bro, or should i say chukran ya akhi. thats probably the best way to go about it. i usually workout with headphones on, maybe ill keep them at home and try to make more convo from now on...


lol tekram akhi...

With anything, you gotta put yourself in the person's shoes and see how they see it and go from there. Good luck


Dude, is that an allah tattoo on your shoulder. looks sick man... Im having the sourah fatiha tattooed on my back in Arabic caligraphy, in the shape of a tiger, ive got it started but its not finished yet


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from personal experience, any Rasta will know a week hook up lol. even if he doesnt use him self...


I don't know why, but the guys at my gym allude to it with no problem. A number of them are training for a bodybuilding competition and I asked "Is this a natural competition or a No-Questions-Asked competition?" And they just chuckeled and said "No-Questions-Asked". Case closed. They are not going to admit it, but I know.

Just be cool with them, ask them for a spot, chat about bodybuilding or if you can train with them every now and then. These guys are probably not in the selling business, so they are not going to be keen on going out on a limb for some guy they don't know.