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How to Approach Pyramid Sets

I was just wondering how people approach the weight on a pyramid set. For example, if I am supposed to pyramid 10, 8, 6, 8, 10. Would the goal be for my sets of 8 and 10 to be at the same weight coming up and going down? Or is it more of the idea that you just load up as much weight as you feel you can do before each set and take it from there? Thanks.

Also I know this is probably in many articles but I could not find anything using the search function so I posted it here. If anyone can point me to an article by Coach Thibs or anyone else on the subject, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

each set u add more weight so say if u start bench with 60kg for 10 then u do 65 for 8 70 for 6 then 65 again for 8 and 60 again for 10

then next time u mite try 62.5kg for 10 67.5kg for 8 72.5kg for 6 67.5kg for 8 62.5kg for 10 etc

You’re probably stronger on the “way down” (the last two sets) because of the bigger weight you lifted on your third set. You may want to try:






Numbers are just an example.