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How to Alter Workout Program for Cutting?

Reference- I came off a bulking phase and about to finish my maintenance phase and about it begin a cut. I do know how to cut, but do I need to alter my workout program for cutting? Such as lowering my weight and then progressive overloading similar to starting a bulk? Any help would be great!



No, just keep an eye on the volume, considering also how much of a deficit you plan to be.
Just keep beating the logbook


What’s your current bodyweight and general fat percentage (or description - defined/lean, muffin top, etc.)?

Depends how you’re currently training. You certainly don’t have to lower the weight just because you’re cutting, but adding some type of cardio (which would need to be programmed into the training week) can make the cutting plan more efficient.

Lifting, cardio, and nutrition go hand-in-hand, so if you reduce calories, you’ll likely need to make some adjustment to your training to account for the reduced fuel and allow recovery.

IMO, cutting is primarily diet.
But that said, a different approach to rep range and concentration could be helpful.

Most importantly, you need two or three “strength gauge” exercises to signal you when you are getting weaker. For the very most part, if you are getting weaker you are losing muscle. This is the very last thing you want to happen. (note: the squat can be a troublesome “strength gauge” exercise, because additional fat acts as support in the squat.) Bench/incline press close and narrow grip, overhead press, and deadlift are dependable gauges.

As to the remainder of the exercises you should be in the 8 to 15 rep ranges (I liked 8 reps, because liked moving more weight), while concentrating on feeling the muscles work that you are targeting. Maybe this is more targeted to bodybuilding competition, but I never cut unless it was for a competition. So, there’s that.

Best of luck on your quest.

I generally train the same whether in a growth or cut phase. The only thing that might change is less volume during the later part of the cut phase as the body has less resources to repair and build muscle.