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How to Adjust the Layer System to 1A?

Hi CT,
Could you help matching the layer system to 1a. The goal is to increase muscle mass, and as it does at 1a - strength.

My suggestion:

3 sets 6 sec hold

RAMP to 2 or 3RM (7sets)

Cluster 4 reps with 90% of 2RM (2 sets)
Rest/pause with 90% (something like 4 reps / rest 20 sec / 2 reps) (2 sets)

Should I add next layer or 3 will be enough?

5 workouts a week - bench press / squat / incline bench press / Snatch-grip high pull / biceps

I would also like to do additional shoulder exercises because it is my priority for this period.

I would like to practice this plan for the whole mass period, i.e. about 16 weeks. It is possible?

Thank you for a lot of valuable information on the forum.

Pretty good set-up

You could do

LAYER 1 - Isos

LAYER 2 - Ramp to 3, 2, 1 RM (week 1-2 = 3, week 3-4 = 2, week 5-6 = 1)

LAYER 3 (2 sets) Cluster with 90% of the RM of the day you might get 6 reps on weeks 1-2, 5 reps on weeks 3-4 and 4 on weeks 5-6

LAYER 4 (1 set) Rest/pause at 80% of the day’s RM

Thank You CT for the answer.
If I would like to include delts as a priority for these 6 weeks, on which days can I add some delts accessory exercises? Or should I add any additional day for hypertrophy delts??

Can I use Incline Bench Press as a exercise for delts?