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How to Add Weight Throughout Sets


i currently do an upper/ lower split, 2 exercises per body part and 3 sets per exercise. Im curious if its better, when it comes to continuing to put up more weight, to add weight each set or would it be better to keep the weight the same throughout all three sets. for example (numbers are hypothetical)

set 1-100lbs
set 2-110lbs
set 3-120lbs
set 1-100lbs
set 2-100lbs
set 3-100lbs
or finally
set 1-100lbs
set 2-100lbs
set 3-110lbs

My gut is telling me it doesn really matter but I would love to hear some of your input and experience.

thanks! merry christmas!


Merry Christmas to you :slight_smile:

But i still think that the ONLY way to find out is through trial and error. Give both a try for a minimum of 8 weeks and see which one produces the best results!


id guess once your warmed up then do same weight for all the sets so that u lift more total poundage?


It wouldn’t really matter. If you can lift 120lbs for a set, it makes no sense to do 3 sets of 100lbs unless your using really short breaks for the lighter weight.

More weight = more work = more muscle.

The key is progression. One workout means very little in the midst of everything but as long as your adding more weight each workout or doing more work in the same amount of time or less, you will build muscle.