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How to Add Weight for Ab Workouts?

Hello everyone,

What equipment/tools do you use or recommend to attach plates to your legs for weighted ab lifts?

Jayne H.

How much weight do you need to add?

Depending on the exercise, you might not really need or want to add weight. For “leg lift” type exercises like reverse crunch variations or hanging leg raises, adding weight can activate more hip flexors which takes work away from the abs.

Learning how to contract your abs, by flexing properly and breathing, can make every individual rep more effective before needing to add resistance. Check the section of this article called “It Begins With Breathing”.

All that said, a medicine ball is usually the best bet as it’s easier to support with the legs and safer if (when) it falls.

I’d add 25-45 lbs.

Awesome, thanks Chris. Do you ever add weights to your abs? I’m trying to add bulk to my abs but only have little muscles!

could you do cable crunches?


Depends on my goal at the time, my overall training plan, and a few other variables. Reverse crunches for 8x8 with 15 seconds rest would be no weight, Palloff press iso-holds might be done with 120+ pounds.

That’ll come from building lean muscle all over, not just overemphasizing ab work, plus losing bodyfat so the abs can be seen.

I don’t really understand what exercise you are talking about here. Can you explain or post a video?

You mean like hanging leg raises?