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How to Add to Deadlift?

hey guys, Im new to this forum but I’ve been lifting for a little over 2 years, i started lifting through football but have since quit playing but i got bit by the lifting bug early on so i can’t stop.

I am 17, 6’2 and about 295. Last spring i tore my meniscus in my right knee and missed 10 weeks of lifting over the summer. This past summer I had a left knee injury that caused me to miss about 6 weeks of lifting. Then i quit football in late july due to personal issues. I didn’t get a gym membership until october so that whole time was spent not lifting.

I have since gotten back up to a 330 bench( no pause ), a 435 squat and 470 deadlift. My question for you guys is how to add weight to my deadlift. I have added 80 lbs to bench in the last year and about 65 to my squat but only 20 to dl.

What do I need to do?

you are one large man

thank you, I appreciate the compliment. I am starting my cut down to 275 soon.

Deadlift might not be doing so well because of 1) your proportions and 2) your technique. if you want help, post up a video of some heavy deadlifts next time you do them. We may be able to help you figure out what is the best technique for your shape, and that might help right away. Being a bigger guy with a bigger bench than squat/dead, makes me think you might simply be having trouble fitting in your initial set-up haha. Maybe some tweaks to that would help you pull more qucikly.

Video homie

ok guys, I’ve got a competition on saturday ill be dead lifting there so if get some good videos ill put them up. I am a conventional puller by the way if that helps at all.

It really doesn’t help to much. For all we know your stiff legging, not using hips, getting very little leg drive, missing the bar out in front of you, there are a million and half problems you can have with conventional.

Ya, I know a kid at my gym that pulls heavy all the time and uses almost zero leg drive. painful to watch

as a matter of fact this just came to my mind?there is a video of me deadlifting at a high school competition last year i pulled 450. It was before I fixed my form I wasn’t using enough legs. it is on youtube i don’t have the link but if you search nwi comp on youtube it will come up i believe the first one title is sophomore deadlifts 450 at nwi comp

ok guys here are my 3 deadlifts from saturday, .lift 1 was 430, lift 2 was 455, lift 3 was a scratch at 485, would have been a 15 lb pr

lift #2 455

lift 3 miss @ 485

ok so the videos didn’t work that time lets see if this works


485 miss

no vid bro

i know i have no clue how to get it to work

step 1: post the videos to youtube.
step 2: link to youtube.
step 3: ???
step 4: profit.

I don’t have a youtube account. Don’t really want to make one either. Any other way to do it. I can’t see why the way the site is set up doesn’t work