How to Add Muscle on a Cut?

Ok im 6 feet 209 lbs at the moment. I was 226 about two months ago I want to get to at least 195.

My problem is now that i have lost some weight by eating less carbs my arms and shoulders are not as big as they where when I use to eat more. Plus I stopped buying junk no products that i use to take because they have creatine and if i use no products for 3 days i look bloated all over.

So I do not currently plan on starting the Anaconda protocol. Would adding a bottle of Anaconda or MAG-10 help with some muscle loss I am having wile still losing more fat. witch is my top goal. I have become convinced anything with creatine is not going to help me look not bloated I dont know???

You probably did not have any muscle to begin with and you are just losing the fat that made you seem big. Forget about adding in those supplements, learn how to train and eat right. I have seen enough beginners posts to know you are one.

Yea it could be that. I been training since high school but I only became serious last December. OR it could also be that I broke my thumb using explosive force on dumbbell flys a month and a half ago and I never stopped training even with a cast so I did less arms and just finally had nothing much more to do than finally learn to lose weight. How many bones have you broke wile lifting im just kidding. But up until I did break my thumb doing fly’s I was at the end of my second month of doing the Anaconda training program minus the supplements with out much problems so idk if im beginner or a little more than just beginner. I spend more time in the power rack than any one else at my gym so maybe beginner/intermediate.

But my question was about using Anaconda or MAG-10 wile cutting because im investing time and effort and want to get the right results

Post your diet.

Going from 226 to 209 should net you zero muscle loss (unless you are going from like 10%BF to 3%BF), even without supps. If your protein intake is high enough, your cals are high enough, and your training is intense, you should be able to drop at least those inital pounds without muscle loss. I would look to the diet and training before I look at adding supps. I am in the camp that you probably weren’t as big as you thought you were… happens to the best of us…

Do you not realize that you will lose muscle glycogen (and water) when dropping carbs? AND when dropping creatine? Less water and fuel in the muscles.

Plus, pinch skinfolds of fat all around your arms. If there’s more than a few millimeters of fat anywhere, you’ll lose a lot of size on your arms when you lose that fat.

Also, I don’t see the value in having a NUMBER as your weight goal (195) UNLESS you know what you will look like at that number. I guess it could be, “I wonder what I’ll look like at 195,” but if you haven’t done this before, you will be surprised to find that you had more fat, and less muscle, than you thought.

Ok sounds like you guys are right about what your saying thanks for the info that explains a lot.