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How to Add Erg Conditioning Into Leader/Anchor Program


I would like to add rowing into my program for condition but I am uncertain on the best way to implement it.

my program so far

leader 2 cycles
5`s pro for main lifts, with 5x5 FSL
50-100 reps ea of the 3 categories

I do one main lift per day every other day but with the accessories it pretty much turns each day into a fullbody day.

Monday- Squat
Wednesday -Bench

Anchor 2 cycles
351 main lifts 3/1 weeks PR set, 3x5FSL
25-50 rep ea of the 3 categories

same weekly schedule as above

I have recently purchased a C2 rower and I am looking for advise on how to including it into my program.

My goals are to slowly increase strength, get my resting heart rate below 60 ( currently around 70) and increase the overall volume I can do for my body weight accessories.


This is easy - the only good answer to this question is STAY IN ZONE 1 AND ZONE 2. Based on your goals, this is really the only answer that is actually remotely smart.

So find those zones and do it 3-4 times a week. Simple!! Good luck but you won’t need it since your goals are simple. Not easy but simple - your goals are actually smart: a rarity here.


Thanks for taking the time to help me out… Really appreciate it.