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"How to Add 100 Pounds", Exercise Selection

Hey Coach,

I am training based on your template " how i added 100 pounds to my deadlift in 2 weeks." I was able to find this thread Carb Cycling Questions and incorporate most of your sharings. The first question is the following. I have a very weak triceps, and i would like to train it twice a week. Once with the ohp and once with the bench press. For the bench press i am doing a close-grip bench press, however for the overhead press day i am not quite sure what is the most appropriate exercise to add + sets and reps?

Here is my training for the overhead day:

Overhead press day
A: Overhead press - 6x3x65
B: High incline db press - 4x8x20
C1. DB lateral raise - 3x8x7.5
C2. DB front raise - 3x8x7.5
D: Triceps pushdown - 4x8x60

The second question is i would like to add dips to my program. Where can i add them? into the bench press day or overhead day? I can see that you have added them in the end of your workout for the bench press day, however you are doing them with bw. I would like to do them fairly heavy, or this is not the most appropriate? If not, can i do them after the db bench press for 4 sets of 6-8?

Simple bench press day:

A: Bench press - 6x3x105
B: Close grip bench press - 4x6x82.5
C: Db bench press - 4x8x25
D: Triceps pushdown - 4x10x60

Everything is in KG.

Thank you.

Kind regards,