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How To Achieve What I Want


I've read over the various topics everyone has posted time and time again and it's just confused me entirely. This is the first time i want to try steroids and I just wanted to know what you guys think. I'm 5'9'' 170lbs and i want to change my look. I've done various diets since I was a soph in highschool, now a soph in college. In highschool I weighed 180lbs in my soph year and after diet and exercise dropped down to 140lbs in my junior year, after doing this I decided I wanted to start lifting weights which increased my weight to 170 (I'm sure not all muscle).

I have been lifting weights since my junior year in high school and haven't gotten the results I desired. I would like have the body of somewhere in the range of a little biggger than say Ryan Reynolds after Blade 3 and Waiting and smaller than say The Rock. I've read that you guys take so much stuff, but to achieve the size I want I wanted to know if I would seriously need to take all of those injections and pills. If I just took D-Bol for a cycle (I don't know if i would even need an estrogen blocker for such a short time) would it make me the size I want. Or do I need the injections and various pills and stuff. Also if I achieved the size I wanted could I just stop taking steriods and keep going to the gym to keep basically the same size? (I know that I will get a little smaller due to the fact I'm not on the steroids anymore)


A d-bol only cycle will not accomplish anything. You'll lose anything you'd gain from such a cycle.


You're two years younger than me man. Change your lifting and diet if you're not as big as you want to be. I've put on appreciable size in the last four months since finding T-Nation, even though I've been lifting since sophomore year of high school. Go check out German Volume Traning or Total Body Training or Waterbury Method, or any of the programs around here that are designed for mass gains, and then check out Berardi's Massive Eating, or hell, just start eating chicken and rice all day. I'm pretty sure you're not ready for the juice, cause I'm definately not.


I find it really ironic that you're new to the site and rather than reading and asking about training and nutrition, you go straight to the steroids forums. This is a great site with lots of great info. By all means, educate yourself about steroids and ask questions about them. That info might come in handy later, but from the info you've provided, your time could be better spent focusing on improving your training and nutrition first.


Let's assume you do a cycle and it goes perfect and you reach the size you want. Then you go off. You don't know anything about nutrition or lifting to get or keep results, so you will then lose all the gains you just got. Spend some time and learn how to lift and eat right before you decide to use gear.


Yes I "ate" right (5-6 meals a day high fiber, whole wheat, lean meats the who shabang). Now I'm in college and along with college comes college food. How do you suppose I eat in these conditions? I try to do what I can by cutting down on the white breads and such but its all they have.

Thanks to the rest of you for the info.


I think there is an article posted here somewhere regarding nutrition and how to survive college.

I had to pack my food for the whole day, but I didnt live on campus. Just buy a cheap ice cooler and make your food. I wasn't rich in college, but I made it work. Costco or Sam's will help.

If you plan on using steroids, I would advise you to try and put on as much weight as you can naturally. If not, at least buy Anabolics 2005, research, and devote yourself to training, eating, and sleeping.


Research the site a bit more and get on a good training program and diet.I suggest you train hard and eat right for at least another 2 years before jumping on the wagon.That way you have a good solid base to build off of and arre dialed in on a diet that works for you.

Just eat your ass off man i know it can be hard in college but use calorie and protien supplements to get what your missing.Shoot for 4500 cal day and about 300 g of protien to start.Before you get on the "horse" you want to build some good mass as genetics permit.


How about you post the actual routines you've been doing?


In all seriousness, I've gained 25 lbs over the last several months by following a lot of Berardi eating principles (i'm a junior in college) and have found that the fastest gains (and ones that matter, not ones that went to the belly) came from the addition of Carbolin 19. I also changed from Low-Carb Grow! to Classic and try to truly stick to a real diet.

I just say don't hit the juice yet because you, and I can progress quite a bit further without it. The thought I have is, that with it and without the nutrition part, you'll lose almost all of what you gain in a few months post-cycle.

if my train of thought is illogical, do show why, i'm tired of reading the typical "do steroids/don't do 'em!" rants on here.


So are you guys saying that if i just say took D-Bol got my gains then stopped taking it but still worked out and ate right that I would go back to my original size. Yo have to understand that I'm not trying to get to a bodybuilder size, I do not want to be the next Arnold or anything.


You have to understand--we know this.
Try and understand. Nutrition and proper lifting might get you to where you want to go. You've posted none of that info. This leads me to believe you are lacking in this area. This makes it a HUGE mistake to believe that you will attain any real results.
No magic pills.


I'm in college too. College meal plans are overpriced and it's tough to get good nutrition. So I go to Sam's Club, and I cook all my food for myself, or have the chefs at my restaurant cook it up for me. And if there's no Sam's Club/Costco around, go to your grocery store . . . you can get a lot of chicken and chunk light tuna cheaply.


steroids dont equal muscle in a bottle! My advice is to look an John Berardi's stuff!! If you've got a solid weight training regimen and follow basic nutrition principles (And eat as much as you possibly can!!!) you will put on weight.

I thought I was at my genetic limit as a sophmore in university... then I read some rants from prof x and decided maybe I should just stuff myself... bam 10 lbs in 2 months mostly muscle too. Honestly man get educated on nutrition and solid weight training first and you will make gains. You dont need juice to look good if you know your stuff and have decent genetics.