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How to Achieve Hypertrophy AND Strength?


Question is basically title . How ? I do understand some common principles of bbing and have come to understand that some size will come with strength and some strength will come with size. How do you effectively train/eat for both simultaneously. Yes, Caloric surplus will gain you size no matter what but I mean lean muscle. How do you get lean mass results while making reasonable jumps in strength ? Would high volume/intensity low rep come into place still or maybe more of a med-heavy rep range (6-8)

what are some proven ways that YOU have experienced to be beneficial for one or both paths. include rep range, if you had cardio, what/how you ate and exercises please .


Hypertrophy and strength is:
3% training
7% diet
90% attitude and dedication



I don't mean to sound rude but if I have a positive attitiude and I'm happy go-lucky all the time have any type of training and diet and I dedicate myself to it I'll turn into a beast?


I would post this in "Beginners Forum".


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How so? Should it be 99% attitude and dedication?


With the right attitude and level of dedication you will find what works. If you are just doing whatever you want with training and diet, then you don't have the right attitude.


Hypertrophy and strength depnds on how you're defining 'strength'. If you mean limit strength IDFK - Ask Joe DeFranco, Dave Tate, Louie Simmons, someone.

But I think it's as simply as 'getting stronger ina rep range which has proven to lead to hypertrophy of those muscles' - this can vary from muscle group to other muscle groups among individuals, and can also vary between individuals. 6-8 reps is sometimes touted as the correct range. But my rear delts respond much better to 25-35 rep sets...

Between 18-32 total reps is sometimes also mentioned, but WTF sometimes I want to do more, sometimes less ('work' reps that is, I will always warm up and exceed those reps if counting warmups).

Have a look at this http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/reps_youve_never_tried for ideas. Experiment, see what works.


The sooner people become less indecisive about their goals, instead of having a finger in each pie, the sooner they'll reach that one goal



good spill that pretty much answers your question entirely. hope that helps


Jeez, he's either a troll or complete novice.

For a novice size and strength go hand in hand - make a muscle bigger and you make it stronger.

OP: What have you been doing since May and what results did you get?


He did a bit of German Volume training because he wanted bigger muscles, then he did starting strength because he read that all bodybuilders are weak pussies, then he did Chad's functional training for bodybuilders because bodybuilder's muscles don't function, then he did westside...


If you read the original post you would have seen where I posted strength will come with size and vice versa. You ignorance and illiteracy shows that you are ineligible to answer my questions or any question for that matter. You yourself said "FOR A NOVICE SIZE AND STRENGTH GO HAND IN HAND"

Therefore one would assume that an INTERMEDIATE or PRO might not have size and strength working synonymously yes? Therefore, one would assume you have to train for strength, size or both (at least according to the statement). Thus, ,we come back to my original question.

How would one achieve (train for) hypertrophy and strength ? What factors play into reaching each ? ie higher volume = more stress on muscle = larger tear = larger muscle put in place ie Hypertrophy. Strenght = ? and would you incorporate these factors into your work out. That's all I simply wanted to know but ones that are overly aggressive when someone doesn't know the same shit they know makes it quite obvious you've been roasted time and time again for having a small penis and your angry about it.

As for its_just_me.......it seems you also cannot read. You claim I am indecisive about my goals and yet it is stated clearly......SIZE AND STRENGTH. It's also a clearly a fallacy that you have to strive to achieve ONE goal at a time or even at all. Linebackers train for Size, Strength,Conditioning AND Speed. Swimmers train for Strength,Explosiveness,Conditioning and Speed. It seems quite a few people on this site display great demonstrations of unrefined pure faggotry. I came to this site because the children on bb.com just ruin my thirst for knowledge (although they are funny as hell). Thank you to all who posted useful information in the thread.


No. "Attitude and dedication" don't mean shit if your diet isn't right. There are plenty of people who lift with great consistency and a "good attitude" for years without making significant progress.


I lift things up and put them down.

Seriously, it's not that complicated. Triple your 10RM on all lifts and I promise that you'll be bigger and stronger.


You've missed my point. With the right attitude and level of dedication, you fine tune your diet and training until you see results. The right attitude is not ignoring a lack of significant progress.



"I no longer believe in training to lose weight, gain weight or whatever. I only believe in Training to be Awesome. This means you get strong and in shape and the chips will ALWAYS fall in your favor. I no longer will council or console people." - Jim Wendler

Either you are a 'beginner' enough to have plenty of carryover (this stage goes well past what most people would call a beginner), of you are at a point where you need to figure out which one you want more.


I don't really know about this, personally. I know a few guys who would seemingly work hard in the gym for a couple years and absolutely go nowhere. How hard are they really pushing themselves?

Also my diet is frickin horrible, and I have some some decent progress.

The point jskrabek is obviously going at, is that a good attitude/dedication is what puts a person in the right position to train hard AND smart. Someone who isn't dedicated probly won't straighten out their diet to begin with. Etc.


What's all that got to do with being a bodybuilder? That's my point.

It's not bad reading comprehension, it's an educated guess (from others and my past self) that you very likely spend more time thinking about things and reading, being distracted/persuaded by one thing or the next, than actually putting your head down and reaching goals. If not, I apologise.

Bodybuilding isn't just about making some muscles grow...it's about full body development, which means not just being 'big', or really strong on just hand full of exercises, but fully developed (which takes a certain style of training/dedication to bodyparts etc).

To be useful in this thread; for some bodyparts, especially on the basic movements, many enjoy working up to a low rep 'max' (not failure, but enough to cause acceleration to slow/form to breakdown), then proceed onto the higher rep set(s) for growth/more pump work (these sets can done with another exercise). You'd also need to be more conscious of cycling the intensity (periodization/deloads/periodic rest periods etc).