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How This Zone Will Work


I will post several thread myself, for example stuff I did in the gym. Feel free to ask any question RELEVANT TO THAT THREAD.

I will also create several sub-forum (e.g. nutrition Q&A, training Q&A) so that you will be able to ask question related to that topic. This will make searching for an info much simpler.

You should be able to open up new thread yourself. So if you have a specific question, might as well start a new discussion.


This seems like it will be much better. There are so many posts of yours I think back to but can't remember the details but I don't even try to search because there's literally 100's of pages of unorganized questions. Now at least training and nutrition will be broken up and there will be other threads too.


Very Cool. Thanks again for devoting so much of your time and knowledge!



Great to see what you've done with the boards! As far as supplementation goes with the herbs Fenugreek and gymnema sylvestre, what can be said as to when I should take these during the day (knowing that the 2 revolve around the hormone insulin)) ?



No problem, it is actually the part of my day I enjoy the most. I get the feeling that those who take time to ask me good questions and think about the answers share my passion about training and helping them makes me feel great.


Just wanted to say thanks ! Reading all these questions and answers are the best source of info around this what I like the most about T-Nation! Thanks Thib !


You're welcome. It actually helps me too, some of these questions are challenging and force me to do some research and review stuff that I had left far behind.


You research? And here I am thinking you knew everything...



I have achieved most, if not all, of my progress over the last couple of years to reading your material and working out on your programs. Beast Building did wonders for me..so much so I went through it twice...HA

Thanks for all you do on this site for everyone!


Thanks coach. Look forward to continuing to learn from you and figuring out on my own how to truly integrate it when it's called for or needed.


I think this is one of the best ideas the site has had in a while. The new structure and organization of this forum is going to make it a lot easier to obtain information without letting the posts get too repetitive. Thanks for this, CT!