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How The West Was Won

Alright, since no one is going to mention it I reckon I will. Has anyone bought and or listened to Led Zeppelin’s new live cds and dvds? Better yet, is there any Electric Magic fans on this board?

Well, for those of you that are let yourselves be heard. What do you all think of their cds and dvds? Any comments or criticisms? I bought both the cds and dvds they day they came out and I can honestly say that they are worth every dime I spent. Of course I also get erections watching Robert Plant dance around on stage with tight jeans on so it doesn't take too much to satisfy my Zeppelin urges.

Anyway, I'd be more than happy to give my thoughts on How The West Was Won if there are some Zeppelin fans on this board that are interested.


Ummm, sure... I think Im just gonna sit right over there, and poke at you with a 20 foot pole from a safe distance...

 You ummm...*cough cough*....get a HARD-ON when you see Mr Plant in his tight jeans? *cough*. Is it allergy season yet?




And you’re on the wrong forum.

Okay, Okay! I see you bastards can’t take a joke. I like Zeppelin goddamnit, if Robert Plant appeals to me in ways that are different I can’t help it. :slight_smile:

Seriously, what do you Led-Heads think of their latest release.

On a side note, Metallica's newest album is horrible...and I'm being nice when I say that.


Hmmm… Well I don’t think we’d agree on the exact stimulation that Zep brings however I can comment on the Zep thing itself. They are a fabulous rock band who haven’t been surpassed.
Forgive me if my English is off I’m a bit drunk. I ahven’t gotten to listen to the whole cd as it was in my car and well…that was stolen last week . Yeah and I’ve only got liability. I’m screwed! I don’t think there has been a band like them EVER! A consumate guitar player and the best rythum section. Couple that with a sometimes over the top singer who happensa to be awarw of nuance and you’ve got one mutherfuckin great band! Zeppelin Rules!!! Always have, always will!

 Dustin, you ever considered the fact that you might be....well, turned the other way so to speak? Not that there'anything wrong with that and no one here will respect you any less for being gay, but just wondering - it sure will reduce the impact next time you mention you get a hardon from a male counterpart in tight jeans...and that you CAN'T help it.

 Try as I may  I get nothing but disgust when looking at some guy in tight jeans - I dont get a freakin HARD-ON....

 Anyhow, no harm no foul right? 

“Dustin, you ever considered the fact that you might be…well, turned the other way so to speak?”

Sorry bro, I'm not gay. I was just trying to get a laugh. I guess you guys didn't quite understand my weird humor. Interestingly though, my girlfriend, as well as an ex thought that I have gay tendencies. Shit, I don't know where they got that from?

By the way Diesel, are you wearing jeans right now? :)

Zeppelin, I couldn't agree with you more. I don't know of any other band that compares to Zeppelin. Too bad about your wheels man.


I love Zepplin also. I do not but cds that much anymore. I usually download everything from kazaa. Are these cds old material redone or is it some stuff I have not heard?

“Are these cds old material redone or is it some stuff I have not heard?”

Solojobber, the cds contain live material from 1972 performances on June 25, and June 27, from the LA Forum and the Long Beach Arena. If you like Zeppelin live, which I prefer over their studio versions, then you need to download these performances if possible.

I'd also suggest buying the dvds. They are worth the price. The dvds are from different performances than the live cds. The dvds show various performances from as early as 1969 to 1979. Some of the early footage is especially sweet.


Physical Graffiti is responsible for my house getting painted. Never would have happened otherwise.

The DVD’s are awesome! Achilles’ Last Stand live sent chills down my spine.

Haven’t got them yet…

Not too many Zeppelin fans here then… That surprises me as they were way more popular in the states than in England.

I’ve been a fan for years, even have Jimmy Pages symbol from Zeppelin 4 tattoo’d on my shoulder.

I’ve got the BBC Radio 1 sessions CD which is quality, don’t know if you’d get that in the old US but it’s a good CD.

I guess everyone has seen The Song Remains the Same.

Has anyone read Hammer of the Gods…? Awesome book if you’re a fan.

My brother is 14 years older than me and saw them at Glastonbury. They also played at the Bath Music festival in the Pavilion, which is also where a couple of my freinds have competed in bodybuilding shows…

I wish I saw them…


I just got the DVD’s last night and only watched a few songs, but I am blown away. It’s amazing to be blown away by a band I have heard so many times, but I am loving it. I got the house to myself tonight. I am going to crank it, and annoy the piss out of my new nieghbors… My rating: Complete erection, with sugar on top.