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How the Other Half Lives- 2011


Just came across this disturbing and strange story. The first link is a video, the 2nd is the story.


If you can follow her rambling and incoherent statements for the full 10 minutes, kudos to you. I guess I feel bad for the girl and her family, but it makes me ask many other questions that are pretty dark. Apparently the matriarch of this family has 9 children, one of which is being interviewed and of which the girl who was murdered was a granddaughter. The matriarch and pater-familias have been convicted on multiple child molestation charges... in short this family is messed up.

If you didn't want to watch the video, long story short-This woman is apparently the cousin of the victim who saw her getting beaten, inside her house no less, before she was kidnapped and murdered. Not to mention the fact that the woman getting interviewed admitted to and implicated others in multiple crimes beyond that, but she herself is obviously not contributing to society in any meaningful way other than breeding more of this.

Maybe I should not care, but I have had such a visceral reaction to this the more I learn about it that it has been difficult not to.


I can't look at her on account of having just eaten.


Oh come on now, if you gave her some steroids and 3 hours a day in the gym you could turn her into a stud!


Intelligence is proportional to the amount of teeth one has, and indirectly proportional to one's body weight.


I agree. Had I been more intelligent I would have held ground about not removing my perfectly healthy upper wisdom teeth but I'm not that smart so I'm two short.

Oh hey, they're called wisdom teeth!


Yo, smart mouth. Click on the video link to see what I really mean.


Oh I don't need to click on the link to get you, the long story short was enough for me. I'm not saying I'm as dumb as someone whose only got three teeth in their head, just not smart enough to keep two perfectly good ones.