How the Hell? Please explain...

Hey mates, well after a 5 month alcohol binge backpacking Australia I triumphantly return to Canada, bodybuilding, T-mag, and my health with an additional 7-8lbs of fat on my physique, and with next to no muscle loss. So could somebody please explain to me how the hell I only gained 8lbs of fat in 5 months of eating an average calculated 6000-7000 empty calories a day, and not exercising one single time? I know it’s a lot more complex than this with hormonal responses and such, but since my calculated maintainence is around 3500, should I not have gained those 7-8lbs in ONE week? I would literally eat 3 fast food meals a day, have 2-3 chocolate bar, potato chip, or candy snacks, drink 4 660ml cokes a day, and finish of the night with 3-4 jugs of beer almost every night, not to mention the horrendous intoxicated 7-11 stops at 5am! Yes, yes I realize how horrible of me this was, considering I’ve been a very strict bodybuilder for the past 6 years (I’m 20 now). Usually on a bulking phase of healthy food I’d eat about 4000cals a day, and I’d gain a few pounds (approx 3) of fat a month. And the kicker, I never lifted weights or did any aerobic exercises, not once, and I lost a miniscule .25" on arms, 1" on chest, and NONE anywhere else. This is strange considering I am a fairly built guy, but wasn’t before I started bodybuilding. Can somebody give me some insight on this? Considering I ate that much and barely gained fat weight, can this somehow be incorporating into my bodybuilding? I’m stumped. Cheers, Brad.

My best mate just got back from a 4 month back-packing trip around Europe. He drank and ate shit the entire time. He lost 11kg of fat. Why? I think the non-stop back-packing lifestyle has something to do with it. You’re constantly walking around sight-seeing and the like, and definately burning lots of calories.

Having the metabolism of a 20 year old and spending a lot of time backpacking…Perhaps also being in a strange location or being on vacation probably energizes the body so you burn more calories…I know everytime I go off on a trip my metabolism seems to speed up a bit…just getting away from the daily grind.